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Fukuoka Intercollegiate

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 19:39

Fukuoka, October 11, 2014

(photo courtesy of

Report (in Japanese) on Bulkhead Magazine

Luffing in the Middle of the Atlantic

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 19:28

Watch 2x Snipe Jr. World Champion Andre Fonseca (steering) in the middle of the Atlantic as Vestas throws a luff to Mapfre....

GPN Rosario

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 20:42

Rosario, October 18-19, 2014. Eduardo Fumagallo and Agustin Ross win in Argentina.

(photo courtesy of Flor Puntorillo)

Results after 4 races (1 discard)

1. Eduardo Fumagallo & Agustin Ross, 5

2. Mariano Arroyo & Gonzalo Garcia, 7

3. Federico Norman & Diego Rudoy, 8

... full results, reports (in Spanish) and photos ...

By Carol Cronin (photo courtesy of Fried Elliott)

John Gatewood asked us the following rigging question a few months ago, and now that the sailing season is winding down we finally have a chance to answer:

I have almost restored an old Snipe and am in process of rigging. I bought a split mainsheet from APS but am not sure they gave me instructions on how to rig it. I followed the Harken diagram but my boat has blocks under the deck which look like the ones in their reference photos on the APS website. There must be something more to do than tie the ends to a steel plate that is running to the double bullet block located in the middle of the aft cockpit coaming. Can someone tell me the proper way to rig the split mainsheet and how to rig the Augie Equalizer.