Kotka Open

Monday, 30 May 2016 20:21

Kotka, May 28-29, 2016

Summer season started in Finland

The Kotka Open (Ranking event 1 of 2016) was held this past Saturday and Sunday on the waters just outside the Kotka yacht club in the shadow of the Fort Slava sea fortress. Fifteen boats competed in the six scheduled races (four on Saturday and two on Sunday), making the event a great start into the Finnish Snipe season. The hard work of the Finnish Snipe Association in recruiting new active members was bearing much anticipated fruit.

(Photo courtesy of SCIRA Finland)


While the seas and most of the lakes in Finland are just released from the ice cover, the snipe activity has already been high. Series of four Snipe Clinics was just finished last week. Three hour evening sessions in January, March and April were aimed for beginners and pros. The clinics covered a wide range of topics from rules to rig set-up and from physical training to tactics.

The Clinics were also broadcasted live video over the internet, making it possible for Snipe sailors around the country to join.


By Reino Suonsilta

Once again SCIRA Finland participated successfully Helsinki International Boat Show, the largest boat show in Northern Europe during Feb 12-21, 2016. Kai Saarhelo's new Zeltic FIN 31260 was the shining star of the dinghy hall and quite many of the over 76 000 visitors found their way to enjoy the active hospitality of the snipe booth.

SCIRA Finland is using wide range of activities to promote snipe sailing and participating this fair has been one of the traditional ones for over 30 years. In addition to our own booth, this year we did also run a series of promotional presentations in general show stage. As a result we gathered 45 hot contacts to people who are interested in Snipe class and who will get an opportunity to test snipe sailing in the coming TrySnipe events.


Helsinki International Boat Show

Sunday, 14 February 2016 20:25

Helsinki International Boat Fair, Feb 12-21, 2016
SCIRA Finland proudly presents
The Class of the Year in Finland

Expo report will follow after the show.

Snipes Smile in Helsinki

Monday, 12 October 2015 07:45

Helsinki Snipe Fleet 481 closing its successful season

Some frost over the boat covers and -1 degrees Celsius did not bother us when smiling faces and satisfied minds met early morning Sunday 11th at HSK Yacht Club. A newcomer team Sundberg, fleet captain Hanna, three old and new National Secretaries and European vice secretary made a last trip to Kaivopuisto in the heart of the city. Season has been a great success for the biggest fleet in Finland: 21 Snipes at YC Helsingfors Segelklubb, 7 new teams, several TrySnipe events and Finnish Snipe Clinic for newcomers mean that Snipe Class has a bright future ahead of us.

Photo: Reino Suonsilta, Veera and Pasi Sundberg, Kai Saarhelo, Hanna-Leena and Juha Lehtinen

Helsinki Fleet 481 Open

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 23:26

Action-packed farewell to the summer

Helsinki. September 20, 2015. Report and photos by Pekka Tarmio

Final Snipe regatta of the season, the Helsinki Snipe Fleet 481 Open, was sailed in the trailing end of the tropical hurricane Henri. Gusts seemed to ease up in the morning, but accelerated high again during the day. So, unfortunately the race had to be abandoned after two races.

Before the pull out a couple of boats had capsized and the wind was blowing over 14 m/s, so the call off was well justified. What made this autumn storm unusual, was the doubled wind speed during the gusts, making sailing very challenging. But don't we love challenges! Safety boats were enjoying to watch the boats flying, while the fearless crews were struggling to keep their boats upright even going upwind. Triangle course secured foamy speeds during the reaches and the jibes were hair-raising even for the top boats.


Pori Open Championship

Monday, 07 September 2015 22:39

Pori, September 5-6, 2015. Final results

1. FIN 31260 Kai Saarhelo + Tommi Isotalo | 5
2. FIN 30900 Reino Suonsilta + Jouko Saarhelo | 10
3. FIN 31099 Antti Mikkonen + Matias Mikkonen | 11
4. FIN 30259 Ville Aalto-Setälä + Reetta Aalto-Setälä | 12
5. FIN 30450 Kari Nyqvist + Ruusu Nyqvist | 17

Finnish Nationals - Final

Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:14

Turku, August 23, 2015. Final results after 6 races

(Photo courtesy of Studio Kukka)

1. Ville Aalto-Setala & Eveliina Aalto-Setala, 6

2. Chita Wahlroos & Timo Wahlroos, 18

3. Antti Mikkonen & Matias Mikkonen, 22

4. Sampo Valijus & Ronja Valijus, 23

5. Reino Suobsilta & Jouko Saarhelo, 29

... full results ...

Finnish Nationals - Day 2

Sunday, 23 August 2015 07:24

Turku, August 22, 2015. Results after 5 races, 1 discard

1. Ville Aalto-Setala & Evelina Aalto-Setala, 5

2. Chita Wahlroos & Timo Wahlroos, 11

3. Sampo Valijus & Ronja Valijus, 13

... full results ...


Finnish Nationals - Day 1

Saturday, 22 August 2015 09:27

Turku, August 20, 2015. Results after 3 races

1. Aalto-Setala Ville & Aalto-Setala Evelina, 3

2. Wahlroos Chita & Wahlroos Timo, 8

3. Saarhelo Kai & Mikkonen Jaakko, 17

4. Suonsilta Reino & Saarhelo Jouko, 18

5. Valjus Sampo & Valijus Ronja, 19

... full results ...