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Snipe Capsizes for Smaller Skippers

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 18:11

I usually write articles when I have a solution to a particular problem. This one is more of a cry for help from a small skipper: how do I self-rescue after a capsize? 

The first day of the 2017 Snipe North American Championship in Fort Lauderdale was epic: an 18-22 knot easterly, and a huge ocean swell overlaid with smaller mixed up waves rebounding off the beach and reefs. It was a great day for racing Snipes—and also a day where even a small mistake can lead to a capsize.


The new Rules of Conduct for conducting International & National championships, the new N.o.R and Sailing Instructions templates and the new SCIRA courses have been posted on the website.



New Snipe Class Rules - Draft

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 07:26

The Snipe Class has been working with ISAF/World sailing since 2010 to convert our Rules and Restrictions to the ISAF/WS rules format. The content and intent of the Snipe Class rules have not changed, but they have now been converted to a friendlier and easier to use format. Take a look at the draft of the newly re-formatted rules in coordination with the Technical Department of World Sailing. Snipe Class Rules

The new rules are submitted for approval to the SCIRA Board of Governors and finally to World Sailing. Once approved, we will annouce the effective date.

How to Improve Fast - 6. Transitions

Thursday, 19 January 2017 20:31

By Luis Soubie

(Photo courtesy of John Payne - 2014 WH&O Championship)

It is very important to have good speed, but more important is to sail a good race.

This is easier to say than do, but there is one thing we can do well with just a little training and concentration, and that is transitions.

What are transitions? These are the maneuvers that change the state of our boat. They include anything other than straight-line sailing: approaching the line to start, rounding a buoy, giving space to a right-of-way boat, or even making a 720.

We all speed test for hours and hours, and this gains us only in few boat lengths per race. The transitions can make us gain or lose up to ten times this distance.

So let's talk a bit about transitions in the next chapter of "How to improve fast, fast".


2017 General Restrictions

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 20:30

Snipe Sailors - the General Restrictions for the Snipe class have been posted to the website. These rules are in effect beginning January 2017. Please refer to these before you decide to make any changes to your boat or if you have any questions such as "can I change this?"

Thanks to Antonio Bari, Chairman of the Technical Committee for his hard work on this document. It reflects changes approved between World Sailing and SCIRA.

2017 General Restrictions