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Last version: February 18, 2018

All Sanctioned or Club/Fleet Regattas shall be conducted in accordance with the WS RRS. The use of the following prescriptions is strongly recommended, unless the NoR establishes the use of the RoC for National and International Championship regattas.

Listen To Your Teammate

Thursday, 15 February 2018 17:15

Story by Carol Cronin

(Photo courtesy Ted Morgan)

At a recent Snipe regatta, Kim Couranz and I counted up the number of lines we each control. Her total? Sixteen (eight on port tack, eight on starboard). My total?


Giving Kim all the controls except the mainsheet allows me to concentrate on steering and trimming without distraction. Of course, that means I trust her completely. So why is it still so hard to listen to her excellent advice about what to do next on the race course?


Pole Launcher System

Saturday, 13 January 2007 16:34

By George Szabo

When I get a new boat, there are a few changes that I make to the Boom and Pole systems to help them run more easily.


The 2018 Snipe Rules of Conduct for Championships (Nationals on up) are posted and updated on the Snipe website.

Two Boat Sail Testing

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 07:25

by Mark Reynolds

A well organized two boat testing program is the best way to make advances in boat speed. As a sailmaker I am often doing two boat sail testing. You can also go out with two boats to test sails, tuning such as sail adjustments, body positions or spars.

Trying to determine speed differences on the race course can sometimes be difficult. There are many variables. Testing and tuning in a more controlled environment separate from racing tactics, other boats and lay lines can be much more fruitful. Two boat testing is the way real progress gets made with sail design. Much more can be done in a shorter time period. Testing sails on the course is still important as well. When sail testing, because you can concentrate more on just steering, sometimes a flatter sail can prove to be a bit faster but on the race course you may have trouble accelerating off the line, out of tacks or just keeping in the "groove."