2019 World Allocation Timeline

Thursday, 06 December 2018 07:32
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Per the Deed of Gift for the Hub E Isaacs World Championship Trophy, the following allocation timeline is in effect:

Initial Registration Period 8-Apr 6 months prior
Initial Registration closed 8-Jul 3 months prior
Allocations open, posted 15-Jul 3 months less 1 week
Unfilled reallocation entries lost 13-Aug 8 weeks prior
Close of entries 24-Sep 2 weeks prior

Please note: qualifiers for the 2019 Worlds for your country must follow the attached schedule.

Please also make your final registrations & payments of dues for 2018 in the next few weeks so we can finalize allocations for each country.

Read the letter from the Commodore to National Secretaries and the corresponding Deed of Gift for the World Championship.


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