14 Questions to ... Augie Diaz

Sunday, 16 December 2018 08:41

Augie Diaz? Everybody knows Augie Diaz ... 2003 and 2005 Snipe World Champion, 2016 Star World Champion, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal at the Pan Am Games, 2x WH&O Champion, many many times (10?) Snipe US Champion, 4x Snipe World Master Champion, 6x North American Champion, US College Sailor of the year, US Rolex Yachtman of the year ...

(Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano)

- 1) Your first time on a sailing boat?

8 years old at Clearwater Optimist Pram Club

- 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

11 or 12 years old

- 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

Winning the first race at the 2003 Snipe Worlds after the top 5 boats were not able to reconize the finish line because there were so many boats with flags near the finish.


14 Questions to ... Ernesto Rodriguez

Monday, 26 November 2018 22:28

Ernesto Rodriguez, Snipe sailor and champion. In 2018 Laser US Masters, 1st; Laser Canadian Masters, 1st; Snipe North Americans, 1st; Snipe Western Hemispheres, 1st; Don Q regatta 1st.

(Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano)

- 1) Your first time on a sailing boat?

Cuba 1985 (in a Laser)

- 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

Miami 1996

- 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

Sailing one race with the centerboard back wards.


Winter Circuit / Series 2019

Saturday, 26 January 2019 00:00

January 26-27 - Boomerang - Ft. Lauderdale

February 2-3 - Comodoro Rasco - Miami

February 28 - March 3 - Bacardi/Gamblin - Nassau

March 22-24 - Don Q - Miami

April 5-7 - Ron Payne - Ft. Lauderdale

A bunch of us here in Miami got together on Sunday November 4 to celebrate and congratulate Ernesto and Kathleen for their extraordinary way of winning the 2018 WH&O Championship.

Here is a group picture of people attending the celebration. From left to right: Charlie Bess, Ken Voss, Kay Voss, Kara Voss, Peter Commette, Kathleen Tocke and Ernesto Rodriguez (the big winners), Connie Commette, Cristina Persson, Augie Diaz, Aby del Rio, Roberto Lopez and Alexander Morales. Sitting Carmen and the Old Man.

Gonzalo Diaz (the Old Man)

Snipe Open Day in Miami

Monday, 29 October 2018 19:08

From the Miami Snipe Fleet

Miami October 6, 2018

The Miami Snipe Fleet #7 the Snipe Open Day on October 6, 2018. Thanks to Enrique Quintero and Charlie Bess for their help.

The World Snipe Days are initiatives to promote the Snipe and attract new people to our Class. The Board warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize a World Snipe Day, at the best time of year for such activities in your region.

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Miami Women's Snipe Invite

Monday, 09 April 2018 07:30

Miami, April 8, 2018.

Taylor Scheuermann and Isa Du Plessis win the Miami Women's Snipe Invite

Lighter winds prevailed on day two with Scheuerman and Du Plessis winning two of the three final races. Rounding out the podium were Dubovik and Baab in second and Sharon Johnson and Tara Lobo in third. Ernesto Rodriguez and Peter Commette were the on-water fleet coaches of the day.

A huge thanks to Miami Fleet Captains Kay and Ken Voss for organizing the event, Ernesto Rodriguez, Peter Commette, and Augie Diaz for lending boats and coaching.


Don Q - Final

Monday, 26 March 2018 00:11

Miami, March 25, 2018. Results after 8 races (1 discard)

Report by Carol Cronin

The 52nd DonQ Rum Keg Regatta delivered its dependable mix of Serious Sailing, Serious Fun over three days and eight races on Biscayne Bay. With seven countries and 31 boats, it remains one of the premier Snipe events. Friday's forecast was for 15-18 knots of NE breeze, but it never built to anything over 14 knots and the shifts provided plenty of opportunity for gains and losses on the four leg windward leewards. Ernesto Rodriguez/Kathleen Tocke won all three races, so the battle was for second overall with the points tight behind them. (This theme would continue for the next two days.)

Don Q - Day 1

Saturday, 24 March 2018 00:36

Miami, March 23, 2018. Results after 3 races

1. USA Ernesto Rodriguez & Kathleen Tocke, 3

2. USA Randy Lake & Madeleine McGrath, 14

3. USA Carol Cronin & Kim Couranz, 16

4. MEX Alfonso Garcia Bringas & Danel Belausteguigoitia, 17

5. USA George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 18

... full results, interviews and photos ...

Don Q - Day 2

Sunday, 25 March 2018 01:47

Miami, March 24, 2018. Results after 6 races (one drop)

1. USA Ernesto Rodriguez & Kathleen Tocke, 5

2. USA Carol Cronin & Kim Couranz, 18

3. MEX Alfonso Garcia Bringas & Danel Belausteguigoitia, 24

4. USA George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 26

2. USA Peter Commette & Connie Commette, 27

... full results, interviews and photos ...

Comodoro Rasco - Final

Sunday, 04 February 2018 20:56

Miami, February 4, 2018.

Report by Carol Cronin

“The Comodoro Rasco just has its own special vibe.” That’s how Peter Commette describes it, and I agree. I don’t know of any other regatta that combines so well the Serious Sailing, Serious Fun motto. The regatta is an “Old Man” regatta, initiated by Snipe legend Gonzalo “Old Man” Diaz Sr to honor Commodore Manuel Rasco of the Miramar Yacht Club in Havana. Old Man doesn’t believe in throwouts, so it’s a 5 race series over two days. That means no pushing the line or taking chances on the water, and it leaves plenty of time for socializing after sailing.