With the Introduction of the Snipe as a Mixed Class in the next Pan American Games, more teams in Latin America are sailing mixed and more all-women's teams are growing in North America. Juliana Duque had a tremendous event in Argentina, almost winning and the top 6 teams were mixed. Vamos Chicas!


World Sailing - Submission 091-17

Monday, 13 November 2017 19:46

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 11, 2017

At the World Sailing Annual General Meeting a submission (091-17 "World Championships") was approved that could have positive impacts on Snipe events. We now have more World Championship options, including mixed and boys/girls youth championships.

Also the number of boats required by World Sailing for a valid World Championship has been reduced. The new requirements are 20 boats (formerly 30), 5 countries, and 2 continents. This can have a positive impact on the Women's and Junior World Championships.


Ideas from the European Secretary

Friday, 03 February 2017 07:38

By Martin Bermudez de la Puente, General Secretary for Europe

Dear friends,

First of all, I would like to thank Zibi for his great dedication, effort and contribution over the last years.

As the new European Secretary for the next couple of years I would like to help to improve our class as much as possible. I will go over each country situation and I will try to help you with whatever you may need from me.

For the moment I want to introduce you the following ideas in order to get your feedback if possible.


Rules Change - Submitted Proposals

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From Luis Soubie

Summary: Mixed Worlds




     Constitution                       By-Laws              x       Class Rules

x       Deed of Gift               Rules of Conduct   x       NoR or SI Template          




Objective: To award a recognition to the best mixed crew of the world



Proposal (include current & proposed changed wording- changes to be shown in red):  

To include in the Deed of gifts of the Master Worlds a previous regatta for mixed crews, not restricted by age and award to the winner the tittle of : SCIRA mixed International Champion.

I propose the following conditions:

9 mixed races in 3 days.

Maximum wind 15 knots

W-L course with finish line at the second leeward mark. (4 legs)

Race time between 45 and 60 minutes.

Rest day and following the Master worlds


I propose that a perpetual trophy must be made by SCIRA, and must carry the name of the winner of a poll made online between sailors worldwide , y propose it to be made on Snipe Today´s platform.




For more than a decade, mixed crews had show not only an excellent level of competition but a number exceeding by far juniors and women together, while no competition or recognition to them was awarded.

ISAF rules are not allowing to have an independent and official Mixed World Championship. Not even to replace a JR or Women World.

Only the mixed can be awarded as a World Championship if replaces the Master World.

The Master World, together with the senior, is the most successful and competitive we had and there is no sense on even thinking of replace it.

So what I propose is exactly what we are doing with success at the South American regatta for more than a decade.

A 3 days mixed event(in the case of the South American it is raced together with the master event), a rest day, and following 4 days of the open South American (including juniors).

Yes, is a bigger effort for the host, but they get a lot of entries, rental boats sometimes can be rented twice so the price of the rental decreases and is very fun.

Many crews of the master fleet are mixed, so they can race 2 regattas and get the most from 1 plane ticket.

With a smart race course it can be held with a minimum of effort and can be good as practice for the major event.

As an example, at the 2012 WH&O we had a practice regatta with 6 races, and we changed the RO for the major event because of not following some class rules several times (on wind and courses). It was a good practice that allowed us to see also that we needed a few more support boats.



From1:      Martin  Bermudez  de  la  Puente/José  Pérez  Morales                                             Email:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              
      The  low  participation  of  Women  crews  in  Snipe  championships,  seriously  jeopardizes   the  future  of  them.  For  that  reason,  the  objective  is  to  attract  other  crews  to  these   championships  that  abound  in  our  class  to  enhance  women's  championship  and   make  it  attractive.      Affects:     X      Constitution         X      Deed  of  Gift        
   Objective:      To  create  a  mixed  category  (men  and  women)  where  such  the  woman  as  the  man   can  be  the  skipper.      Proposal:      Option  a)  The  new  mixed  category  will  sail  at  the  same  time  that  women,  with  the   same  Deed  of  Gift  but  with  different  classifications  and  prizes.      Option  b)  To  modify  the  Women  Championship ́s  Deed  of  Gift.  In  that  case  such  as   the  woman  as  the  man  can  be  inscribe  themselves  as  the  skipper.        Option  c)  To  create  a  new  mixed  class  inside  Snipe  Class  with  mixed  crews   integrated  by  a  woman  and  a  man.  Any  of  them  can  be  the  skipper.      If  the  option  a)  or  c)  are  chosen,  I  pledge  to  donate  a  perpetual  trophy  por  this   purpose.      If  the  option  b)  is  chosen  I  pledge  to  donate  a  Perpetual  trophy  for  the  European   Championship  of  this  new  category.      Reasons:         The  low  participation  of  Women  crews  in  Snipe  championships,  seriously  jeopardizes   the  future.