Pietro Fantoni

Pietro Fantoni

Pietro Fantoni, Moruzzo, Italy, SCIRA Commodore. He has been Vice Commodore (2016-2017) and SCIRA Secretary (2012-2015). He discovered the Snipe in 2000. He is an avid Snipe sailor and represented the Italian team at 8 World Championships (2001-2005-2007-2009-2011-2013-2015-2017) and 8 Europeans (2002-2004-2006-2008-2010-2012-2014-2016). Additionally he is a lawyer.

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UK Nationals

Friday, 27 July 2018 00:00

Stone Sailing Club, July 27-29, 2018

Notice of Race available


Birger Jansen Musto Cup

Sunday, 17 June 2018 19:26

Baerum, Oslo, Norway, June 17, 2018. Final results after 8 races (1 discard)

1. NOR Ulrik Sandvig & Janett Krefting, 14

2. NOR Jostein Grodem & Karen Kristoffersen, 18

3. BEL Manu Hens & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, 18

4. NOR Steffen Skionberg & Guillermo Garcia, 30

5. SWE Per Edwall & Cecilia Vasholmen, 35

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Snipe Open Day in Trieste

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 07:20

Trieste, May 5, 2018

Italian National Secretary Daniela Semec and SCIRA Italy District XIII Governor Marinella Gorgatto organized the Snipe Open Day in Trieste, with the collaboration of the Triestina della Vela, XIII Zona FIV and the Fleet Sistiana. Thanks to Fabio Rochelli and Michele Meotto for their help.

The World Snipe Days are initiatives to promote the Snipe and attract new people to our Class. The Board warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize a World Snipe Day, at the best time of year for such activities in your region.

Snipe Open Day in Austria

Sunday, 22 April 2018 08:48

Mattsee, Austria, April 21, 2018

Austrian National Secretary Ezio Prataviera organized the Snipe Open Day at Mattsee, Salzburger Land, to promote the Class in Austria, with the collaboration of the Segelclub Mattsee and the Fleet 897 Habsburg. Thanks to Enrico Michel and Stefano Longhi for technical support.

The World Snipe Days are initiatives to promote the Snipe and attract new people to our Class. The Board warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize a World Snipe Day, at the best time of year for such activities in your region.

The next event in Mattsee Austria will be the 3rd Snipe Alpen Grand Prix on April 28-29.


The Commodore's Log Book

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 20:52

From the Snipe Bulletin - Spring 2018

Hello Snipe Sailors!

The Board has revised the Class Rules and Class documents. This was a long and difficult job for the Rules Committee, but they have been posted on the World Sailing website and we recently emailed the complete and updated Rulebook to all members. You can always find and download the most up to date version of rules and other official documents on the class website: https://snipe.org/class/rules. Why not download and have all the rules on your mobile or iPad?


By Pietro Fantoni

Originally published on Snipe.it on January 2006

Attention! Today you will not read of tactics, strategies, spreader lengths and shroud tension. You will read about something much more important and vital for you to win a championship, a race, or just to touch the ground safely. So concentrate and take notes!

There are very few who, in the age of the Internet, admit to being superstitious. They will only admit that they follow some habit or routine. But superstition has been part of our sport since man became a sailor. He instantly realized that the sea can be a hostile place, especially when it was still believed that the earth had an edge that could be sailed off. The sea imposes respect and evokes fears, so there are many superstitions, rituals and taboos. The intelligent modern sailor, not leaving anything to chance, should still observe these.


Dear National Secretaries, Fleet Captains, regattas organizers,

The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate the loading of results into the SSL database.


Driving (a car) and Steering (a Snipe)

Friday, 13 April 2012 19:22

When I think of the (little) time we spend racing, compared to the (much) time spent traveling, loading boats, rigging boats, waiting for the wind or waiting until the wind decreases--in a busy life with not a minute to spare, sailing is the “sport of waitings.” The waitings, however, are amply compensated by the fun at sea.

In terms of time and effort, we spend a lot of time on the roads and, in rare cases by plane. How much time is spent traveling? I think it is difficult to calculate the hours that each of us has spent driving a car or van towing a trailer with a boat. I am often inclined to think that those who race dinghies, more than being sailors, are professional car or truck drivers!


The Care, Feeding, and Training of a Snipe Crew

Saturday, 27 December 2014 22:47

By Pietro Fantoni

I do not want to explain in this article how the maneuvers should be done and how a crew has to move in a boat. There are already excellent videos and articles written by sailors better than me.

I simply want to explain what aspects it is useful to focus on if you sail with a crew who is not your usual. These suggestions can be useful whether your crew is a beginner or is already experienced. The common factor is that they sailed a little or not at all with you.

2014 was perhaps my own personal record: 15 crews for 20 regattas.

(Photo courtesy of Robert Hajduk)


Rules Proposals - Decision Making Process

Saturday, 24 February 2018 09:51

Who can submit a Rule change proposal? When?

Rules changes can be submitted only by National Secretaries, the Rule Committee, the SCIRA Board or 5 Fleet Captains up to 1st March. This is our first filter. If you have a good idea, you need first to get support from your fleet or your country.  All proposals will be published at the Spring Snipe Bulletin and on our website. The period from March to June will be used for public discussion and also for the rules committee recommendations. The board will vote all submission on July. The approved changes will be sent to World Sailing for final approval.