Holiday Greetings from your SnipeToday Editors

Thursday, 22 December 2016 20:50
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Dear Snipe Sailors,

2016 marks year five of SnipeToday, and in that time it has truly become “a site for all Snipe sailors.”

As news streams in from around the Snipe world, there is never an off-season and seldom a dull moment.

We have a lot to be grateful for as we close out the year.

Over the past five years, 184 authors have contributed more than 3000 articles. Thank you!

Here are the site statistics for 2016:

  • 160 regattas covered
  • 550 articles published
  • more than 250,000 visitors
  • more than 4,200,000 page views

There are 665 subscribers to our weekly SnipeToday Digest, and 3384 of you like the ST Facebook page. During the European Championship, that page had 7,000 viewers.



We Snipe sailors have the best of both worlds: Serious Sailing, and Serious Fun. We have a boat that responds to endless tweaking but can be sailed simply. We have innovation, but also tradition and heritage. We have businesses that support the class by producing high quality equipment, even though their profit margins are very small. We have sponsors and clubs willing to help cover regatta costs, and more events to attend in 2017 than most of us could afford.

And at all of those regattas, we will find competition, cooperation, and camaraderie with friends from around the world. Best of all, we know we’ll be able to resolve any disagreements over a beer after sailing.

In 2016, SnipeYesterday came to life as a place to gather photos and stories from the Snipe past. We encourage you to share your old Snipe news so we can all enjoy the reminders of our rich class history.

Five years seems like a long time in our fast-moving world, especially when it includes so many late nights of Facebook posts and regatta reports. And yet it’s just an eye blink compared to the eight decade history of the Snipe class.

As we head into 2017, we will continue to share regatta results as they come in from around the world. We will also provide a forum to discuss the best ways to improve our class. We encourage you to submit your stories, suggestions, and constructive criticism—always remembering that we are volunteers.

Buon Natale and Merry Christmas from your editors, and see you on the water in 2017!

The Editors

Pietro Fantoni, Moruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
Carol Cronin, Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA

(Drawing by Paolo Cardoni)

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