How to Reach Your Fleet Members

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 22:31
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by Reino Sounsilta - Promotion Committee

Active communication is one of the most important tools to keep the local fleets engaged. We have a great class with great things ongoing and a lot of communication opportunities to update and promote.

Communication is vital at least for two reasons:

1. For active sailors. They need to know what is going on and when. This can be anything from getting reference information about rules and upcoming activities to the organizing of weekly club races or finding a missing crew.

2. For the to-be and non-active members. They are interested to learn more about Snipe Class, perhaps finding an opportunity to try Snipe or buying a boat. We should show positive momentum and this will hopefully sooner or later encourage them to join the action.


In the Finnish Snipe community, we are learning every week on how to better use the long list of communication means that are available. We have tried to tailor the communication according to the target audience, information content and the speed needed.

In order to become better and more effective in our communication, we have just established a communication team. This team is leading the communication strategy for Finland to ensure that we serve the needs of our members and to-be-members.

We are currently actively using our own web site, Facebook and WhatsApp. In addition we are starting to use Instagram and Twitter.

Here is how we use the various social media channels at the moment.
- the backbone of our "official" communication
- total Snipe Class reference and news package for members and public audience
- landing area for other channels
- weekly changing news
- introduction to snipe class
- storage of calendars and results
- reference point for rules and contacts
- managed by a web master, possibility to edit is limited to chosen persons only

Facebook, Snipe Sailing Finland
- two-way communication with members
- showroom of activities to to-be-members
- quick and easy way for everyone to share news, pictures and opinions
- a place to distribute and post news that are introduced in
- self steered by the group members
- easy to use, "everyone" is using FB, quick, accessible for non-members also, easy to share

- real time, quick daily communication
- several channels: one for all members, plus some "internal" channels for the most active fleets
- informal communication about daily matters like: who is going out today or next weekend, I need a crew or skipper, my boat is available for loan
- very easy to use, very informal, very fast, very fun

- account is open, but practically no traffic yet
- planning to increase the use for sharing pictures

- account is open, but practically no traffic yet
- planning to use more for spreading the news, videos and pictures to members and also wider audience

As you can see, there are many channels available for communication. Think in advance what do you want to communicate and who is the audience. Select the right format and channel accordingly.

We have a great class with great things ongoing and a lot of communication opportunities to update and promote. This is an area were one size does NOT fit all.

Happy sailing and sharing!

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Reino Suonsilta

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