2018 Europeans Sailors' Forum

Monday, 03 September 2018 21:32
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On Wednesday 22 August we held the traditional Sailors' Forum in Yyteri, Pori, Finland, the site of the Snipe Europeans.

There were a good number of sailors present and lively discussion in the room, with a variety of opinions.

Three topics were addressed:



1. Number of races per day

The discussion was really wide with many different proposals, some of them "interconnected" like the duration of the races; upwind or downwind finishes; number of days at a major event, spare day, etc. Three "conclusions" could be summarized as follows:
1. No change (max 3 races, 60-75min)
2. Two races, third race only to recover lost races
3. Maximum number of races (related to the number of days of the regatta): 2 days-5 races; 3 days-7 races; 4 days-9 races; 5 days-11 races (at the Europeans we had 10 races per 4 days)

2. Snipe Junior Europeans

Three options: different venues and different dates, same venue with different dates (before or after the open championship), or combined championship (junior+senior). Sailors discussed pros and cons for each option.

The most interesting idea was the proposal to raise the minimum age of juniors to 25 years, as already happened in the 470. The Commodore will submit this proposal to the Board for a vote next year.

3. Digital rule book

The proposal to not have a printed version, but to keep only the digital version, was unanimous

At the end of the Sailors' Forum, Marko Marinovic previewed the 2020 European Championship venue of Split, Croatia, with the aid of slides and photos. The sailors were very excited.

A questionnaire (Monkey Survey) will soon be distributed to all European participants on the issues addressed.

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