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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 21:31
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After the Sailors' Forum during the last Europeans in Pori, Finland, the Board decided to send a questionnaire to the participants ("Snipe Europeans 2018 Survey") for knowing their opinions regarding many issues.

(Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano)

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Summarizing the results, it seems that sailors were pleased with the new courses allowing a downwind finish, but also having faith in the SCIRA Rep to work with the Race Committee on what would be best for the sailors.

In summarizing the Junior issue, raising the age and sailing the juniors with the seniors and identifying them within the results (like the masters) seems to be the consensus. Additional comments: " juniors said the event was much more fun with the adults ...." and "The solution is to explain the advantages of the Snipe instead of 420 or other boats, especially the price of the boats, sails and durability."

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    From Alexandra Wang: "Hi, I saw the last post concerning the questionnaire that has been sendt out after Europeans in Pori. I have not received any email about this. Is it so that it is only the skipper that gets this? If so, I think that is wrong, as it would be reasonable to let both crew and skipper answer this."

    Yes, I agree, but SCIRA don't have all their emails. For the future we will try to have  all the email addresses and send to all sailors the questionnaire..

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