Carbon Fiber Mast, Boom and Pole


The Rules Committee and Board of Governors of SCIRA approved the amendment of Construction Rules 27 and 34.

To Rule 27 must be added the phrase “are also allowed carbon fiber masts made by manufacturers authorized by SCIRA.”

To Rule 34 must be added the phrase “are also allowed booms and poles made in carbon fiber.”

2 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Mast, Boom and Pole

  1. Dear Snipe sailors
    I think that to go to carbon fibre for the mast could be a good idea , not cheap but I remind that before allowing the carbon mast we should have done the new keel done in carbon fibre with a different shape .
    That could be a great benefit to the class also in the direction of a safer livi on board .
    Best regards
    Giovanni Ceccarelli
    ITA 30688

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