By Gweneth Crook, SCIRA Commodore

Happy New Year!

I have heard that people are asking about the 2016 decals, who chose the colours?

One of the duties of the Commodore is to pick the colours for the decals. Hot pink and orange….my favourite colours.

I looked back at all the colours that had been chosen over the past few years, and had to decide what I wanted.

I love bright colours, when I was young my father painted a hot pink and orange mural in my bedroom at my request, I also had the same colours in my drapes. When the sun poured through the windows my room glowed like neon lights. Hey during the 70’s bright colour was everywhere.

I liked the idea that pink be involved for the first female Commodore. Hot pink and orange make me smile; I hope they do that for you!

I am taking requests for colours for next year, what would you like to see?

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