by Pepe Perez

Fortunately there are “Great Snipe Locos” all over the world … now, in Galicia and Valencia, the fever has been unleashed for the recovery of wooden boats, those old Lagos, Rovira, Cardona, Araez … that were in the places more unexpected and are being rescued.

A group of old – not old – Snipe sailors, Ricardo Salgado, Manuel Villaverde, Juan Deben, Carlos Botella, Mariano Arroyo … (and I quote these as they seem to be the promoters of this great idea) are preparing a “ regatta circuit for classic wooden Snipes ” in which I foresee that the most important prizes will go to those who achieve the best results – not in regattas – but in the restoration of their boats.

It seems that Alfredo Lagos will chair a committee of experts that will analyze the work that is being done to award the best work. We must congratulate this group of enthusiastic Snipe Sailors, who give us the key to the longevity and future of our beloved Snipe Class and the love that endures in those who were once lucky enough to sail on this Class.



Afortunadamente hay en todo el mundo “grandes locos del snipe·”… ahora, en Galicia y Valencia se ha desatado la fiebre por la recuperación de los barcos de madera, aquellos viejos Lagos, Rovira, Cardona, Araez… que se encontraban en los lugares más inesperados y están siendo rescatados. 

Un grupo de antiguos -que no viejos- snipistas, entre los que se encuentran Ricardo Salgado, Manuel Villaverde, Juan Deben, Carlos Botella, Mariano Arroyo… (y cito a estos pues parecen  los impulsores de esta gran idea), están preparando un “circuito de regatas para snipes clásicos de madera” en el que preveo que los premios más importantes los alcanzaran aquellos que consigan mejores resultados -no en las regatas- si no en la restauración de sus barcos.

Parece que Alfredo Lagos presidirá un comité de expertos que analizara los trabajos que se están realizando para premiar la mejor obra.

Debemos felicitar a este grupo de entusiastas snipistas que nos dan la clave de la longevidad y futuro de nuestra querida Clase Snipe y el cariño que perdura en aquellos que alguna vez tuvieron la suerte de navegaron en ella.


Pepe Pérez 

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  1. i used to build snipes in britain out of glass fiber for a firm called Bryland plasticks my father made the first one out of wood with rolled sapely decks ,which we took a mold from, thease snipes were made for a yacht chandler who sent them abroad for the yacht clubs there ,
    i went to majorca one year and found one laying in the boat yard deralick ,i was given time off to sail in the british championships at a yacht club called stone on the river black water in essex ,a long time ago now as im 74 years young still like the class ,i very nice dingy ,regards colin .

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