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Saturday, 12 December 2015 15:27
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Michele Meotto, from Udine, Italy, was third with his crew Alberto Cassandro at the 2015 Junior Worlds

(Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano)

- 1) Your first time on a sailing boat?

I was ten years old, when my parents, annoyed because I used to play video games all the day, sent me to the Yacht Club Lignano's sailing school, where I began with the Optimist.

- 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

Two years ago. Pietro Fantoni asked me to join him for a Snipe National Regatta in Pescara and I accepted with almost no idea of what a Snipe was. We raced nicely and I had lot of fun both on land and water.

- 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

At a Laser Regatta, the Race Comitee raised N flag 5 minutes after the start without any sound, so we kept racing. The absurd was that at the starting line the RC had already started a new procedure with all the boats far away from the line!


- 4) What is the thing that most angers you in a race/regatta?

When boats crash or get damaged.

- 5) Which is the race/regatta that you remember with the most pleasure?

The final race of the Italian Junior Championship, when me and my crew Alberto Cassandro had to finish ahead of the second team. We did it, leading from the first mark and finishing first, and national champions.

- 6) And the race/regatta you would like to forget?

At the 2014 Italian Championship in Bracciano Lake, when, during the first minute of the upwind leg in 15 knots, the jib halyard broke, forcing us to go home.

- 7) Your "dream in the peak"? (Your sailing dream?)

The Olympics of course. But, more realistically, keeping sailing at high levels for years and , who knows, make it become a profession.

- 8) Sailing goals for 2016, and beyond?

On the Snipe: reconfirm us as Junior National champions and get a top 5 position at the Junior Europeans.

- 9) The most important people for you in sailing and in the Snipe?

In sailing my three coaches Massimo (a.k.a. "Gazza"), Alberto and Andrea, who spread their passion for the sea and for sailing and taught me almost everything I know. And in Snipe Pietro Fantoni, one of the most prepared for what concerns technical and racing knowledge in the class, who introduced me to the Snipe and gave me tons of advices.

- 10) Why the Snipe?

At the beginning, by chance, thanks to Pietro. Now I realise its strengths such as very tactical and close racing, mast and boat setting, demanding handling.

- 11) Your perfect sailing venue and your perfect sailing conditions?

After the Worlds I must say Talamone, nicknamed "Snipe Bay" by its habitual sailors. There we found our best conditions: medium to strong wind and big waves to surf downwind!

- 12) Besides sailing which other sport do you practice?

I ski during Christmas' holdays and I like to ride the mountain bike too.

- 13) Are you superstitious?

Yes I am. A ridiculous one is to take off my gloves after the first upwind in light-medium wind.

- 14) Your perfect holiday?

I feel "saudade" for the time I spent in Rio de Janeiro in occasion of the 2013 Worlds. I would like to have a holiday there, enjoying the weather, the beaches, the amazing sailing spot and the Brazilian's hospitality (special mention to the kindness of Matheus Gonçalves and his family).

(Image gallery: photos 1-2-3-5 courtesy of Matias Capizzano, photo 4 courtesy of Fred Hoffmann, photo 9 courtesy of Roberto Baroncini)


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