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Monday, 28 December 2015 21:37
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2015 Snipe regattas around the world.

No soundtrack, so we suggest you to choose and listen your favourite music and enjoy the 45' video.

Thanks to: Fred Hoffmann, Jessica Claflin, Gabriel Heusi, Matias Capizzano, SCIRA Peru, YCO, Blake Middleton, Emma Tinkler, MBYC, Neuza Aires Pereira, YCP, Bulkhead Magazine, 5cre8, John Snowden, SVBG, Deb Fewell, Thomas Fogh, SCIRA Poland, Lasse Thomsen, AVT, Clube de Vela Atlantico, Spin Sheet, SCIRA France, SCIRA Canada, Snipeseiling, Jana Pines, SCIRA UK, Jill Bennett, Paolo Cardoni, SCIRA Portugal, Laura Sambo, Roberto Baroncini, Mystic Lakes, SCIRA USA, Pan Am Games, AVL, SCIRA Croatia, Bruno Mello, Bob Betancourt, Maurice Slap, SCIRA Colombia, SCIRA Sweden, Fleet 554, Andrea Carloni, SCIRA Spain, Judy Tillson, Snipe Brasil, CV Rosario, Analia Fernandez, Ledonboard, Carlos Rodriguez, Maronna Lisandro, Flota Snipe Rosario

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