Serious Sailing Serious Fun: Traditions Build Winners

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 22:28
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Vince Casalaina

By Vince Casalaina

DVD available!
It’s official.  The Serious Sailing, Serious Fun: Traditions Build Winners documentary is now ready for distribution to the Class.  There were times when it seemed this project would never end, but with support from many of you, the Class has a portrait of how an older one design class can both honor its history and add younger sailors to the competitive mix.
The documentary is 48 min. long and features 44 people explaining why they think the Snipe is the boat to sail.  For those of you who participated in the focus groups last Fall, you’ll see how your comments reshaped the documentary.  For those who have yet to see the film, you have a real treat in store. There are some facts about the Snipe that you may not have known and some stories that are going to become part of Snipe lore along with an in depth look at Snipe traditions and strengths.

Here’s the 7 minute trailer.


The Serious Sailing, Serious Fun: Traditions Build Winners documentary DVD is available for purchase for $35.  In the near future there will be a companion disc that has the highlights of the people’s interviews who appear in the documentary.  The price for both DVD’s is $55.
If you want a copy of the documentary in time for Christmas, you can send a check for $35 to:
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2619 Benvenue Ave. Apt. A
Berkeley, CA  94704
There’s more work to be done.
Finishing the video isn’t the end of the project.  To be an effective marketing tool for the Class the documentary must be seen by people who might be interested in joining the Snipe family.  You can help me by suggesting places where I could come to screen the documentary such as yacht club’s that have a speaker series or other organizations where the story of the Snipe class might generate some interest.  I’ll also be looking for venues, but your help in locating likely places will be greatly appreciated.
Beyond that, I’m exploring what’s possible in cable distribution.  I think this is just the kind of film that could have a successful airing on sports oriented cable channels.
I’ll also be entering the film into film festivals.  Doing well on the festival circuit doesn’t lead directly to new people joining the class but it does help secure a distributor who will work to put it in front of many more people than just the sailing community.
I’ll keep everyone posted on the distribution of the documentary.
Raffle winner sailing!
For all of you who have been wondering about the new Jybetech boat that Andy Pimental built specifically for the raffle this Spring here it is under sail.
When Andy delivered the boat to Berta Swanson, he took her sailing and she got to drive. She was excited to have the tiller in her hand, something that hadn’t happened in a very long time.  We’re all looking to see her grand kids sailing this striking looking boat out on the race course.
Berta’s been around Snipes for many years.  She was the regatta organizer for the US Nationals at Chautauqua, NY in 1966. When you think of who you might want to run a race, you should be thinking about Berta.  Five years ago, she was the PRO for the US Masters at Upper Mystic Lake.
Berta was married to Ralph Swanson who not only sailed Snipes for over 40 years but also was instrumental in shaping the Class. He was the Class Commodore in 1973-74 and won the Masters Endurance Trophy (oldest skipper sailing in the Nationals) six times.
Once again, I want to thank all of you who have donated to the documentary over the four years I’ve been working on the project.  Without your support it would not be possible for me to have it ready for distribution today.
In addition, almost 100 more people have made in kind contributions to the project, ranging from putting me up at regattas to donating film/video to be used in the final DVD.  These sorts of contributions have been just as valuable to making the project viable.
Both of these lists of donors appear below along with the production crew that I have used to produce the documentary.
Vincent Casalaina
Supporters of the documentary
Spencer Allen
Tom Allen
Geoffrey Ashton
Robert Bachrach
Antonio Bari
Renee Bartell
John Beall
Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
Gary Beck
Don Bedford
Jereyln Biehl
Sean Biehl
Mary Ann Brownstein
Larry Bull
Michele & Charile Bustamante
Marshall Caggiano
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Anita Casalina
Jim Cascino
Howard Chilton
Tom Colligan
Peter & Connie Commette
Brainard Cooper
Carol Cronin
Gary Derrick
Means Davis
Packy Davis III
Tarasa Davis
Augie Diaz
Old Man & Carmen Diaz
Debbie Dille
Sherry Eldridge
Grace Fang
Pete Fenner
Sigrid Festersen
Martin Fraser
John Fretwell
Bill Gage
Hal Gilreath
Luther Greene
Stuart Griffing
Valerie Gwyn
Don Hackbarth
Ernie Hardy
Catherine Heinzerling
Tom Henderson
Doug Howson
Elizabeth Hudson
Tom Hunt
Stephan & Monica Irgens
Dr. Bob Jackman
Bill & Nancy Johnston
Susie Kanter
Fran Kassberg
David & Cynthia Koski
Carolyn & Eric Krebs
Steve Lang
Irene Lee
Juha Lehtinen
Buzz Levinson
Harry Levinson
Craig Leweck
Ricardo Lobato
Dick Loomis
Lori & Jim Lowe
Mike Mack
Andrea Martin
Doug & Amy Martin
Jane Martin
Neil & Jenn Martin
Kazuki Masuda
Shan McAdoo
Jim McCaffrey
Carol McKnight
Craig McLean
Greg Miller
Ava Moore
Michelle Morphew
Jonathan Nation
David & Susan Odell
Standish & Anne O’Grady
Gavin & Holly O’Hare
Cathy  O’Neal
Augusta Palmer
Melia’s  Papa
Michael Papp
Eliot Payson
Alberto Perdisa
Doug Petty
Andy Pimental
Alex Pline
Krysha Pohl
Frank Pontious
Gene Ratliffe
John Rose
Art Rousmaniere
Freddie & Dora Sambolin
Jan & Jim Schmuckler
Rick & Margaret Scofield
Russ Silvestri
David Smith
Mandi Smith
Mary Snider
Snipe Fleet 12
Herb Stouffer
Berta Swanson
John Tagliamonte
Dexter            Thede
Clark Thomas
Jerry Thompson
Dick & Linda Tillman
Terry Timm
Traveling Snipe Fleet
Gina & Eric von Esmarch
Darryl Waskow
ML Wheaton
Bob White
Rahsaan Whitney
Dan Williams
Mark Williams
Darlene Woo
Kerry Woodward
Jiro Yamamoto
Andrew Zeratsky
Arden Zinn
In kind supporters

Don Bedford
Jerelyn Biehl
Rick Brooks
Karen Butler
Sheri Campbell
Peggy Davis
Tarasa Davis
Gonzalo Diaz
Isabel Diaz
John Fretwell
Annie Gardner
Don Hackbarth
Marianne Hackbarth
Doug & Beth Hart
Tom Henderson
Brian Hetherington
Steve Lang
Betsy Moraski
Chris Ryan
Patricia Seidenspinner
Hugh Stallings
Steve Stuart
Kay Voss
Ken Voss
Stephen Wagner
Michael Waters
Linda Whitman
Betty White Andrews
Jerelyn Biehl
Mary Buckley
Brainard Cooper
Bob Foster
Buzz Levinson
John Rose
Gene Seavy
Bob White
On-the Water Production
Kim Couranz
Carol Cronin
John Downing
Clayton Dixon
Hal Gilreath
Gabriel Kieling
Hanna-Leena Lehtinen
Juha Lehtinen
Leo Mehalic
Ross Palacios
Alexandre Paradeda
Jim Person
Megan Place
Raul Rios
Ernesto Rodriguez
Antionio Sifre
Mandi Smith
George Szabo
Jerry Thompson
Jim Titgemeyer
Kay Voss
Ken Voss
Louie Zimm
Post Production
Miriam Casalaina
Malcolm Cohen
Elliot Levy
Ken Smemo
Rose Teressa
Laura Vergara
Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
John Biddle Film
Larry Bull
Pierre Cayard
Peter Commette
Steve Lang
Jim McCaffrey
Gordon Miller
Russell Plunkett
William A. Roberts
Dexter Thede
Atlanta Yacht Club
Coconut Grove Sailing Club
Mission Bay Yacht Club
Pensacola Yacht Club
Richmond Yacht Club Foundation
San Diego Yacht Club
Severn Sailing Association
St. Petersburg Yacht Club
St. Francis Yacht Club Foundation
Snipe Fleet 7 Miami
Snipe Fleet 12 San Francisco Bay
Snipe Fleet 330 Atlanta
Snipe Fleet 495 San Diego
Snipe Fleet 522 Annapolis
Snipe Class International Racing Association
Production Credits
Editor                                                Todd Dayton

Story Consultant                            Karen Everett

Animation                                       John Atkinson

Original Score                              Randy Craig

Promotional Music                        Nick Dolan

Additional Camera                        Paul Cronin

Field Audio                                    Luther Greene

Still Photography                         Fried Elliot

Prod Assistants                        Chris Dumke

                                                   Alex Lowry

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