2018 US Nationals

Thursday, 23 August 2018 00:00


The 2018 US Nationals will be held at Green Lake, Wisconsin August 23-26.

The Green Lake Yacht Club is excited to be hosting this event in 2018. We want you to be a big part of this event. Our club has had a long history with the Snipe class and last held a US Nationals on our lake back in 1975. To this day sailors in the class still mention the fun, the sailing, and the socials.


US Nationals - Final

Friday, 25 August 2017 22:39

Winchester, August 25, 2017.

(There are lots of great regatta and party photos courtesy of SCIRA USA - visit vhetheringtonyoung)

Report by Carol Cronin

“Where is the opening to the real sailing area?” asked the Colombian team when they first sailed out onto Upper Mystic Lake. It was a valid question; lined up bow to stern, the fifty-three Snipes sailing in the 2017 Nationals would have almost touched trees on either side of the tiny lake. But despite a micro-sailing area with mystical sailing conditions, the regatta was a great success—thanks to a well-organized team of volunteers at the Winchester and Medford Boat Clubs, and a serious emphasis on Serious Fun.

US Nationals - Day 4

Friday, 25 August 2017 07:33

Winchester, August 24, 2017

(Photo courtesy of SCIRA USA)

1. Jim Bowers & Julia Rabin, 18

2. Art Rousmaniere & Jennifer Rousmaniere, 29

3. Augie Diaz & Pam Kelly, 52

4. George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 54

5. John MacRae & Myrna Chan MacRae, 67

... full results, report and photos ...

US Nationals - Day 3

Thursday, 24 August 2017 07:21

Winchester, August 23, 2017. From Carol Cronin

For those of you watching from afar and waiting for results, I can't even tell you what our own finishes were today... but we had four races in both the Heinzerling and Wells. All I can tell you is that several lake sailors (and a few other teams too) are making it look easier than it is. 5-12 knots of shifty, puffy lake breeze with a very short course and tight fleet made for constant challenges. 2 days to go!

1. USA Jim Bowers & Julia Rabin, 12

2. USA Art Rousmaniere & Jennifer Rousmaniere, 13

3. USA George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 39

4. USA Augie Diaz & Pam Kelly, 41

5. COL Esteban Echavarria & Juan Esteban Restrepo, 41

... full results ...

US Nationals - Day 2

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 07:27

Winchester, August 22, 2017.

4 races today on Mystic Lake: we finished the Crosby qualifying series (the first one in several years) and then sailed the first race of the Heinzerling (32 boat championship) and Wells consolation series. With an approaching front the wind built all afternoon, making for a zesty final race.

1. USA Art Rousmaniere & Jennifer Rousmaniere, 3

2. USA Jim Bowers & Julia Rabin, 5

3. USA Augie Diaz & Pam Kelly, 12

4. MEX Alfonso Bringas & Danel Belausteguigoitia, 14

5. COL Esteban Echavarria & Juan Esteban Restrepo, 15

... full results ...

US Nationals - Day 1

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 07:23

Winchester, August 21, 2017. A classic one-race first day on Mystic Lake to start the 2017 Snipe Nationals. With 53 boats, the fleets are split for the 4 race Crosby qualifying series. After a long unsuccessful wait for the first group, the second group was sent out for some waiting of their own... and instead lucked into enough breeze for a race. After another long wait for the first group, they too got a race off.

1. Jim Bowers & Julia Rabin, 1

1. Cameron Fraser & Elizabeth Glivinski, 1

3. Andrew Pimentel & Sandra Tartaglino, 2

3. Art Rousmaniere & jennifer Rousmaniere, 2

5. Kevin Hetherinton-Young & Audrey Hetherington-Young, 3

5. Simon Strauss & Hawley Waldman, 3

7. Tarasa Davis & Alan Capellin, 4

7. Joel Zackin & Nicholas DeConto, 4

9. Carol Cronin & Hillary Noble, 5

9. Augie Diaz & Eddie Mintzias, 5

... full results ...

US Nationals - Final

Sunday, 18 September 2016 19:25

Heath, TX, September 17, 2016. Final results after 3 races

1. Ernesto Rodriguez & Alex Sidi, 6

2. Augie Diaz & Julia Melton, 10

3. Peter Commette & Connie Commette, 15

4. Doug Hart Diego Escobar, 16

5. Steve Stewart & Gus Wirth, 16

... full results ...

US Nationals - Day 2

Saturday, 17 September 2016 09:33

Heath, TX, September 16, 2016. Results after 2 races

1. Ernesto Rodriguez & Alex Sidi, 2

2. Steve Stewart & Gus Wirth, 7

3. Augie Diaz & Julia Melton, 7

4. George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 7

5. Asher Zittrer & Watt Duffy, 13

... full results ...

US Nationals - Day 1

Friday, 16 September 2016 07:40

Heath, TX, DSeptember 15, 2016.

(USA Snipe) Skunked at day 1 of the Snipe Nationals. Rush Creek Yacht Club opened the keg early for us. The pool was full and now they're serving up a delicious steak dinner. Hoping for more wind tomorrow.

... entry list ...

SCIRA USA Announces 2017 Nationals Hosts

Saturday, 10 September 2016 19:46

At the recent meeting of the SCIRA USA Board of Directors a bid from the Winchester Boat Club was accepted for the 2017 US Snipe National Championship, the 2017 US Snipe Jr. National Championship, and the 2017 US Snipe Special Junior National Championship.

The event, which will be co-hosted by Snipe Fleet #77, will take place August 19-25 with the Junior event being contested August 19-20 and the Seniors on August 21-25.

According to the Mystic Lake Snipe Fleet Website racing will occur on "the Upper Mystic Lake, a ~3/4 mile wide body of fresh water 8 miles northwest of downtown Boston. The lake is the home of the perennial collegiate powerhouse Tufts sailing team and is well known for its shifty conditions and moderate breezes. "No-sail" days are rare in that there is usually enough wind to race and the ban on power boats (except race committee boats) makes for pleasant days on the water - at least until you get shnookered by a 90 degree shift and lose the entire fleet with 100 yards to go. The locals have grown to appreciate patience and to find warped amusement in watching visiting racers pull their hair out over the challenging conditions."