Snipe World Masters - Final

Sunday, 01 July 2018 00:08

Vilamoura, Portugal, June 30, 2018

(Photo courtesy of Goncalo Melo)

Regatta report by Rachele Vitello

Damian Borras Camps with Jordi Triay Pons are the 2018 Snipe World Master Champions in Vilamoura, Portugal.

A five bullets series, with the fifth one today on the final race, left no doubt that the duo from Minorca was the best of this incredible week that started out with 4 straight wins in a line! The silver medal goes to Fernando Rita and Juan Magro (ESP), and bronze to Manu Hens and Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen (BEL).

"Today was a great day, we tried to control the fleet - says a very excited Damian Borras - particularly Fernando Rita the only one who could have stole the win from us, we are very happy of this whole week!! And winning with Jordy is even better, he's like a son to me, I was his coach in the Laser class, and we've been waiting to sail at the Snipe Worlds together for six years, since 2012, when I lost to Augie Diaz for one point."

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Snipe World Masters - Day 3

Saturday, 30 June 2018 01:40

Vilamoura, Portugal, June 29, 2018. Final results after 6 races (1 discard). Tomorrow last race at 13:00.

1. ESP Damian Borras Camps & Jordi Triay Pons, 9

2. ESP Fernando Rita & Juan Magro, 17

3. POR Tiago Roquette & Tiago Morais, 23

4. BEL Manu Hens & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, 25

5. URU Ricardo Fabini & Adrian Quiroga, 31

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Snipe World Masters - Day 2

Thursday, 28 June 2018 18:57

Vilamoura, Portugal, June 27, 2018. Results after 4 races

(Photo courtesy of Goncalo Melo)

1. ESP Damian Borras Camps & Jordi Triay Pons, 4

2. ESP Fernando Rita & Juan Magro, 10

3. BEL Manu Hens & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, 23

4. POR Tiago Roquette & Tiagi Morais, 25

5. BRA Ralph Rosa & Daniel Claro, 29

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Snipe World Masters - Day 1

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 01:00

Vilamoura, Portugal, June 26, 2018. Results after 2 races

(Photo courtesy of Goncalo Melo)

1. ESP Damian Borras Camps & Jordi Triay Pons, 2

2. BEL Manu Hens & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, 5

3. ESP Fernando Rita & Juan Magro, 5

4. POR Tiago Roquette & Tiago Morais, 16

5. USA Augie Diaz & Kathleen Tocke, 16

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Snipe World Masters - Day 0

Monday, 25 June 2018 23:38

Villamoura, Portugal - June 25th 2018

(Photo courtesy of Goncalo Melo)

Curtains are lifted on the Snipe World Master Championship, the most important event of the year, organized by the Associação Naval de Lisboa and Federação Portuguesa de Vela in co-operation with the Snipe Class International Racing Association in Vilamoura, Portugal.


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Snipe World Masters

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 21:17

April 30 is the initial deadline before the fee increases! Mark your racing calendar to sail in beautiful Vilamoura, Portugal June 24-30.

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2004 Master World Championship

Monday, 28 November 2016 18:47

Lake Bracciano 2004

Jimmy and Lori Make It Happen

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 07:00

by Carol Cronin

I’ve sailed against Bahamians Jimmy and Lori Lowe for more than two decades, and I’ve always felt they perfectly embodied the Snipe class motto of Serious Sailing, Serious Fun. Don’t try to cross them on the race course (unless of course you’re going the wrong way, and have also asked politely). And at the parties, definitely give the pair some space on the dance floor— especially if Jimmy is starting to “sway.”

Last week, I watched them pull off a miracle. Despite all predictions, the Id Crook Memorial Snipe Master World Championship took place in Nassau as planned, just two weeks after Hurricane Matthew brought 140 mph winds and 10 feet of storm surge to the island.

The Royal Nassau Sailing Club is a Snipe haven. Every year this small but welcoming white concrete building hosts two of the four regattas that make up the Winter Circuit. Once RNSC was awarded the 2016 Master Worlds, members committed a lot of time and money to rebuilding, repainting, and restoring their facilities. And by late September, everything was ready to go.

Until Matthew blew through.


Master Worlds - Final

Saturday, 22 October 2016 23:39

Nassau, Bahamas, October 22, 2016. Results after 7 races, 1 discard

(Photo courtesy of Primi Murgui)

1. USA Ernesto Rodriguez & Kathleen Tocke, 11

2. ARG Luis Soubie & Diego Lipszyc, 17

3. BRA Ralph Rosa & Alfredo Rovere, 26

4. USA Augie Diaz & Christine DeSilva, 28

5. USA Doug Hart & Christina Persson, 30

Report by Carol Cronin, photos and full results

In spite of a category 4 hurricane that hit only two weeks before the first race, the 2016 Snipe Masters Worlds went off without a hitch. It was a truly impressive show of Bahamian get-it-done attitude, and we all owe the locals a HUGE thank you for all the work they put in. No docks? No problem. Temporary docks were donated and installed to provide hoisting and launching space—though thanks to the unusual northerly breeze direction, there was not enough space for all the boats to tie up at once. As a result, the traditional Nassau lunch break between each day's two races was abandoned in favor of two races back to back. Otherwise it was business as usual, both on the crystal clear waters of Montagu Bay and back at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club after sailing.