1961 Eichenlaub # SWE 12375‏

Bernhard Rost in Sweden is preparing to sell his Eichenlaub Classic Snipe. Herb Shear’s Snipe originally.

2 thoughts on “1961 Eichenlaub # SWE 12375‏

  1. 16305. Great boat on the lake in So. Cal. Boat has raced all over the world. I took her out in big winds last week. Race sails were great.$1,500 with trailor if interested

  2. Hello Bernhard,

    I’ve been looking for a classic snipe for quite some time. I would like to use it for racing on a regular basis instead of the plastic one we have now. I’m aware that performance could be slightly less than today’s boats, but I would not want it to prevent me from competing on the highest level as today.

    Do you think this boat could do the job? If yes, do you have any more pictures? Who is the builder?

    Many thanks,

    Jo Vos

    snipe BEL 29453

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