“Chase Me” #11535

Snipe 11535 is finally fully restored! Originally named “Chase Me”, built in 1958 by SCIRA Commodore George Becker (1945) for his daughter Ruth, she went on to win the Women’s Snipe Nationals. Proud owner Pat shared these photos of renamed “Queen Bee”!

From USA Snipe Class

2 thoughts on ““Chase Me” #11535

  1. Hello,
    My Name is Kyle Becker and several of my family members do still live in Sea Cliff. My Grandfather, John Becker, worked with his Uncle George on a snipe (I think it was number 11536). I have the plans and templates and am considering finishing a build with my Grandfather based on their original wood designs. Building and sailing snipes is a family legacy that my he still speaks very fondly of and I know he would be excited to see some of their old boats still in such good condition.
    I would love to see more detailed pictures should you be willing to share them.

    1. Hello, Thank you for your message. I suggest to contact Mr. John Rose (902jodr35@comcast.net), who is our expert for wooden and classic Snipes. I am sure he will be happy to help you.

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