1975 US Nationals Program - Green Lake

Thursday, 30 August 2018 07:28
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Green Lake, Winsconsin, August 16-22, 1975

This was a US Nationals with 129 Snipes

by Lee Griffith

Three weeks before this year's Green Lake Nationals I was moving some stacks of old magazines and I looked down and there was the Program from the 1975 Green Lake Nationals!! I didn't even remember that I had it, just sheer coincidence! I guess I spent 50 cents on it.
I took it to the regatta and it was fun to page through it. We found out that the Heidel House Honey's (last page advertisement) are no longer performing (the pub burned down), and this year's organizers didn't have Speed Queen washing machines as one of the full page advertisers.
It is quite a walk down memory lane for anyone from the glory days of Snipes in the Midwest and the US in general. There were 129 Snipes in the regatta making it the largest US Nationals ever held and it might be the largest Snipe regatta ever held in the world! Anyone heard of more?
Read it and enjoy!
Lee Griffith
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Lee Griffith

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