Winter Circuit / Series 2019

Saturday, 26 January 2019 00:00

January 26-27 - Boomerang - Ft. Lauderdale

February 2-3 - Comodoro Rasco - Miami

February 28 - March 3 - Bacardi/Gamblin - Nassau

March 22-24 - Don Q - Miami

April 5-7 - Ron Payne - Ft. Lauderdale

Gamblin Series - Final

Monday, 05 March 2018 07:29

Nassau, Bahamas, March 4, 2018. Results after 5 race (no discard)

1. BAH Gavin McKinney & Adam Boorman, 10

2. BAH Robert Dunkley & Gregory Lindsay, 13

3. BAH Fernando DeCardenas & Michelle Hope, 17

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Gamblin Series - Day 2

Sunday, 04 March 2018 07:40

Nassau, March 3, 2018

by Lori Lowe

Day 3 Nassau- Bacardi Gamblin. 16- 18 gusting to 23 knots. Screaming reaches here we come. Yippee. All you people sitting in your cold climates and heating so sorry you are not here.

Cause we're sailing in clear salty salty water and planing without hardly trying. Miss you

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Gamblin Series - Day 1

Saturday, 03 March 2018 08:30

Nassau, Bahamas, March 2, 2018. Results after 1 race

1. BAH Robert Dunkley & Gregory Lindsay

2. BAH Max Wassitch & Peter Bruce Wassitch

3. BAH Cochise Burrows & Lori Lowe

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Bacardi Cup - Final

Friday, 02 March 2018 22:51

Nassau, Bahamas, March 2, 2018. Final results after 3 races

1. BAH Cochise Burrows & Lori Lowe, 7

2. BAH Robert Dunkley & Gregory Lindsay, 10

3. BAH Gavin McKinney & Ada Boorman, 11

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Bacardi Cup - Day 1

Friday, 02 March 2018 07:32

Nassau, February 1, 2018. Results after 2 races

1. BAH Gavin McKinney & Adam Boorman, 5

2. BAH Cochise Burrows & Lori Lowe, 5

3. BAH Fernando De Cardenas & Michelle Hope, 5


Bacardi/Gamblin Series

Monday, 13 March 2017 07:40

Nassau, Bahamas, March 12, 2017

(Photo courtesy of Karin Goodfellow)

Three races were sailed day 4 to finish off the Dudley Gamblin. Winds were light again around 4-6kt with puffs around 8. It was another day of lake-like conditions, shifting E to SE and the racing depending mostly on whether you caught some wind. Robert Dunkley came in first race 3, and team Cuba secured the final two firsts as well as winning the overall first place.

RNSC hosted a beautiful dinner for us, capped off with a surprise Bahamian band showing off the local culture.

Thanks to our hosts for a fantastic event. Next up on the winter circuit - Don Q!

Dudley Gamblin:

1. CUB Raul Diaz Herrera & Carlos Esposito Rodriguez, 8

2. BAH Robert Dunkley & Eldon/Goodfellow, 11

3. USA Steve Tautz & Peggy Tautz, 13

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Bacardi - Day 2

Saturday, 11 March 2017 23:19

Nassau, March 11, 2017

No racing today in the Bahamas - beach day. Enjoy photos from yesterday.

by Nikki Bruno

We had another 2pm start on Day 2 due to the spring tide. A relaxed morning was had by all.

The wind was light, it took about a half hour from scheduled start time to hit 5kts. Two races were sailed in conditions of 4-7kts, mostly on the light side, with the water mostly flat. All the lake sailors felt at home! The breeze shifted back and forth from N to NNE, so it was all about picking the right side of the course at the right time.

The first race ended the Bacardi series. Raul came in first, as well as claimed first overall. Robert came in second, and second overall. Jimmie came in third, and third overall.

The second race started the Gamblin series. Still duking it out, Robert came in first, Raul in second, and Jimmie in third.

Thanks to Jimmie who hosted us all at his house for a delicious BBQ after racing, with juicy rare steak and Bahamian mac and cheese!

Bacardi - Day 1

Friday, 10 March 2017 07:45

Nassau, Bahamas, March 9, 2017. Two races completed. Tomorrow is the last day of the Bacardi (3rd and last race), followed by 1 race for the Dudley Gamblin.

(Photo courtesy of Karin Goodfellow)

1. CUB Raul Miguel Diaz Herrera & Carlos Esposito Rodriguez, 2

2. BAH Robert Dunkley & Eldon Goodfellow, 5

3. BAH Jimmie Lowe & Tyler McSweeney, 7

Report by Nikki Bruno

Sixteen boats representing five countries are here at the Bacardi/Gamblin Regatta hosted at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club in the beautiful Bahamas.

While the typical big breeze was around the days leading up to the regatta, it faded into a perfect medium-breeze for the first day. Due to the spring tide, the usual race schedule that involves a morning race, break for lunch, then an afternoon race had to be modified because it was too shallow to even put the boats in the water!


Jimmy and Lori Make It Happen

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 07:00

by Carol Cronin

I’ve sailed against Bahamians Jimmy and Lori Lowe for more than two decades, and I’ve always felt they perfectly embodied the Snipe class motto of Serious Sailing, Serious Fun. Don’t try to cross them on the race course (unless of course you’re going the wrong way, and have also asked politely). And at the parties, definitely give the pair some space on the dance floor— especially if Jimmy is starting to “sway.”

Last week, I watched them pull off a miracle. Despite all predictions, the Id Crook Memorial Snipe Master World Championship took place in Nassau as planned, just two weeks after Hurricane Matthew brought 140 mph winds and 10 feet of storm surge to the island.

The Royal Nassau Sailing Club is a Snipe haven. Every year this small but welcoming white concrete building hosts two of the four regattas that make up the Winter Circuit. Once RNSC was awarded the 2016 Master Worlds, members committed a lot of time and money to rebuilding, repainting, and restoring their facilities. And by late September, everything was ready to go.

Until Matthew blew through.