The new Rules of Conduct for conducting International & National championships, the new N.o.R and Sailing Instructions templates and the new SCIRA courses have been posted on the snipe.org website.



New Snipe Class Rules - Draft

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 07:26

The Snipe Class has been working with ISAF/World sailing since 2010 to convert our Rules and Restrictions to the ISAF/WS rules format. The content and intent of the Snipe Class rules have not changed, but they have now been converted to a friendlier and easier to use format. Take a look at the draft of the newly re-formatted rules in coordination with the Technical Department of World Sailing. Snipe Class Rules

The new rules are submitted for approval to the SCIRA Board of Governors and finally to World Sailing. Once approved, we will annouce the effective date.

2017 New Rules

Thursday, 29 December 2016 07:20

2017 Rules changes

On March 1, 2016, seven proposals were submitted.

Here’s the table of the approved rules changes (effective from January 1, 2017):


General Restrictions - ERS



Constitution - with Gen restrictions



Bylaws - w/ Gen restrictions



Constitution - new countries/fleets



Women's Committee

did not pass


Roy Yamaguchi DoG



Carmen Diaz DoG


The SCIRA website has been updated: https://www.snipe.org/class/rules-proposals

Comments by Antonio Bari - SCIRA Rules Committee Chairman

Dear Snipe sailors, manufacturers and measurers,

As you all know the class is revisiting the General Restrictions to make them comply with both the ERS (Equipment Rules of Sailing) and the World Sailing template for the International Classes.


Meeting in Barcelona

Friday, 23 September 2016 08:42

High level meeting yesterday in Barcelona between the Chairman of the Rules Committee Antonio Bari and the Chief Measurer Antonio Espada.

After measuring at the Europeans Championship together with the well prepared team coordinated by Pepe Perez, the RC chairman flew to Catalunya to meet the CM.

The long discussion was mainly focused on the improvements of the certifying system of the builders, the possibile solutions to speed up measurements at the main events and some spefications to add to the new class rules which are now underway to be finalized with World Sailing.

Rule 18 as recently approved by the SCIRA Board of Governors, will be enforced at the 2016 European Championship.  Sailors are asked to comply with the following rule:

18. The daggerboard must be restricted while racing in such a manner that no point of the bottom edge extends less than 305mm below the keel. To permit checking the position of the  daggerboard while racing a band of min 25mm wide and 250mm long shall be painted on each side of the daggerboard. The top of the band being even with the surface of the deck at the centerline of the boat while the board is raised on this maximum height.  The daggerboard shall be attached to the hull with a non-adjustable single line at all times while racing (unless for a short period for cleaning garbage or seaweed). The safety line shall be fixed in any part of the daggerboard case and fastened with a shackle above the line connecting the lower part of the stoppers on the daggerboard. The maximum length of this safety line including the necessary fittings shall be 600mm from the top of the daggerboard case and the inner part of the shackle pin.The retaining system shall either consist of a flipping tablet or/and a hook and cutouts on the daggerboard and shall permit the crew to extend the board completely when the boat is capsized without swimming under the boat. Only one board may be used during a regatta unless irreparable damage has occurred. Stripes of any material except carbon or exotic materials may be added on the daggerboard blade or inside the daggerboard case to limit the side movement of the daggerboard.


Rules Changes - Discussion Forum

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 20:01

Attention Snipe Sailors!

Please give your inputs and suggestions about the proposals submitted on March 1st, 2016.

According to the "Decision Making Process", the period from March to June will be used for public discussion and also for the Rules Committee recommendations.

You can find the Discussion Forum here:

Thank you in advance for your comments!

Rules Changes - Submitted Proposals

Thursday, 03 March 2016 07:31

According to the Decision Making Process,

  1. Rules changes can be submitted (only by National Secretaries, the Rule Committe, the SCIRA Board or 5 Fleet Captains) up to 1st March.
  2. All proposals will be published at the Spring Snipe Bulletin and on www.snipe.org website.
  3. The period from March to June will be used for public discussion and also for the Rules Committee recommendations.
  4. The Board will vote all submission on July.
  5. The approved changes will be sent to ISAF (August) for final approval (November).

On March 1, 2016, seven proposals were submitted:

16-01 General Restrictions-ERS

16-02 Constitution - w/ Gen restrictions

16-03 Bylaws - w/ Gen restrictions

16-04 Constitution - new countries/fleets

16-05 Women's committee

16-06 Roy Yamaguchi Deed of Gift

16-07 Carmen Diaz Trophy Deed of Gift

Rules Change Submitted Proposals

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By-Laws - Rule Change Proposal

Thursday, 03 March 2016 07:26

Rules Change - Submitted Proposals

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