Snipe Builder George Joiner

George Joiner: 1881- 1965 – All photos courtesy of John Paysden

by Sarah Mees

His parents, George and Jane, were born in Scotland.  His father was a ship rigger.  George was born in South Shields area and lived in Hebburn until at least 1901.  In 1911 he was lodging at a house in Duncairn, Belfast; he was a Ship Joiner.  He married in 1913.

George built and sailed Snipe “Babacita”.  From 1938 he sailed Viking “Thora”.  In June 1947 he is recorded as sailing Snipe “Moonbeam”, all at Strangford Lough Yacht Club.

George Joiner in Snipe – finished with a gold leaf arrow on hull
The boat building yard that George Joiner had in the Bloomfield area of East Belfast – noting that it used to be pig pens
George Joiner with his grandson, who worked on the Snipes with George
Viking, with a Snipe in foreground
News cutting – Viking being built by George c1937
Georgina & George, daughter and father on a Viking – presumably “Thora”
Viking Race No 3.
Vikings were raced regularly in 1938 and 1939 at the Club.

In September 1937 the Strangford Lough Yacht Club were looking forward to the new season because they were building at least 5 Vikings, designed by club member and architect G P Bell.

Ota – JR & WTC Williams

Den Onde – GP Bell (Snipe Red Herring)

Tjena – F C Gotto

(Snipe Black Gauntlett, Wavelength and then Happy Return) 

Fingal – J Ross

Thora – George Joiner

(Snipe Babacita)

Vikings at Strangford Lough

Article by Sarah Mees – 23 September 2021

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  1. Thank you, Sarah, for this very interesting research into the past of our class! Such pages are precious, not to mention the photos.

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