The 1996 Midwinter Regatta in Clearwater

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 07:30

by Gonzalo "Old Man" Diaz

According to the report in  the May 1996 Snipe Bulletin: There was no races the first two days as winds were 25 to 40 knots.  Tuesday morning, although the forecast was still very bad (35 knots of wind), the day looked good so the RC sent the Fleet out.  20 of the 27 boats registered went out.  For the first race they had 12 to 15 knots. For the second race the winds continued to build up.  By the start of the 3rd. race wind had stepped up to 25 knots the reaches were a blast with the big breeze and six-foot breakers. In the second reach the wind hit 30 knots and people started to drop out.  Only 10 boats made it to the finish line. Hal Gilreath finished 4th but Charlie Bustamante and John McRae dropped out of the race. Both Hal and Charlie made it alright to the Club, but John ended up in the beach with a broken mast.


Learning Our Way to Winning

Wednesday, 05 September 2018 00:00

by Carol Cronin

Winning a world championship doesn't come easy in the Snipe class, even though there are three different chances every two years (at least for those of us who qualify for all the possibilities: Open, Masters, and Women's Worlds). It takes dedication and time in the boat to learn all its quirks, because everyone sails the boat a little bit differently. You can't just jump in, copy someone else's settings, and go win a big regatta.

At least I couldn't.

Kim Couranz and I have been sailing the Snipe quite seriously since 2010. For eight years, we've picked the brains of our competitors and tried to incorporate their many ideas into our own sailing style. Here are five of the biggest lessons we learned on the way to this year's victory at the Women's Worlds.


2018 Europeans Sailors' Forum

Monday, 03 September 2018 21:32

On Wednesday 22 August we held the traditional Sailors' Forum in Yyteri, Pori, Finland, the site of the Snipe Europeans.

There were a good number of sailors present and lively discussion in the room, with a variety of opinions.

Three topics were addressed:


1975 US Nationals Program - Green Lake

Thursday, 30 August 2018 07:28

Green Lake, Winsconsin, August 16-22, 1975

This was a US Nationals with 129 Snipes

by Lee Griffith

Three weeks before this year's Green Lake Nationals I was moving some stacks of old magazines and I looked down and there was the Program from the 1975 Green Lake Nationals!! I didn't even remember that I had it, just sheer coincidence! I guess I spent 50 cents on it.
I took it to the regatta and it was fun to page through it. We found out that the Heidel House Honey's (last page advertisement) are no longer performing (the pub burned down), and this year's organizers didn't have Speed Queen washing machines as one of the full page advertisers.

Collaboration, Not Competition

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 07:44

By Kim Couranz, SpinSheet Magazine

Once that warning gun sounds, it's on. It's time to sail fast, fair, and smart. But on the way to and from the race course? Let's let kindness prevail!

There is etiquette sailors should use around the boat park—generally, leaving things better than you found them (yes, turn the hose off and coil it when you're done!) and being respectful of other sailors (make sure you know where that hose is pointed before you spray it!). But there are a few actions you can also take on the "commute" to and from the race course to make you more welcome at the post-race social, too. So, in the spirit of making our sport a more welcoming place...