Murai Snipe J 21335

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 07:41

Details of plywood snipe 21335 with original plywood deck and plywood hull. She was built in 1975 by Murai yacht in Kobe, Japan.

Owner: Kazuki Masuda

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1967 Snipe in Lake Tominé, Colombia

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 21:39

1967 wooden Snipe, restored three years ago. The boats is actively sailing in Lake Tominé, Colombia. She is a very fast boat and is adapted for the current regattas.

Mauricio Zuniga Angel

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Don’t Yell at the SCIRA Rep!

Thursday, 26 April 2018 07:40

By Gweneth Crook

What is a SCIRA Rep, who is the SCIRA Rep and what do they do? All major Snipe Championships have a SCIRA Representative who is assigned to that regatta.

The SCIRA Rep is a person who knows the Snipe Class and is there to ensure the regatta is run in accordance with the Deed of Gift, Rules of Conduct and the Sailing Instructions. The SCIRA Rep will also approve the Notice of Race and sailing instructions in conjunction with the organizing committee and Jury chairman, approve and sign any amendments to the NOR or SI's prior to posting, ensure that all competitors are currently registered with SCIRA prior to competition commencing, ensure that the boat and sail number being used by all competitors are currently registered with SCIRA and have passed measurement prior to competition commencing, and approve and sign the results daily prior to posting.


This Snipe was owner-built in 1935 in Wichta Falls Texas USA, where there was a Snipe Fleet (#34) at that time before WW II. It has been stored for many years in an old building in Wichita Falls, and may not have been sailed since the end of WW II. The current owner is beginning a restoration process soon. The old cotton sails are original, and the mainsail appears to have been modified to adapt to a slotted mast and boom. The centerboard is a pivot board setup.


The Commodore's Log Book

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 20:52

From the Snipe Bulletin - Spring 2018

Hello Snipe Sailors!

The Board has revised the Class Rules and Class documents. This was a long and difficult job for the Rules Committee, but they have been posted on the World Sailing website and we recently emailed the complete and updated Rulebook to all members. You can always find and download the most up to date version of rules and other official documents on the class website: Why not download and have all the rules on your mobile or iPad?