After the Sailors' Forum during the last Europeans in Pori, Finland, the Board decided to send a questionnaire to the participants ("Snipe Europeans 2018 Survey") for knowing their opinions regarding many issues.

The same questionnaire was sent to the competitors who sailed the Western Hemisphere and Orient Championship in Olivos, Buenos Aires Argentina ("Snipe WH&O 2018 Survey).

It is interesting to see that the 2 hemispheres have different opinions on many topics.

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SCIRA Decals from 1972 to Today

Saturday, 17 November 2018 14:09

The history of our Class is also the story of the decals that have been chosen by the Commodores in charge and have been shown on the starboard side of the Snipes over the years.

Which color will be the SCIRA decal for 2019? We'll know in a few days!


Snipe #73

Saturday, 17 November 2018 13:46

From Charley Austin

#73… getting a restoration

The Commodore's Log Book

Thursday, 01 November 2018 23:26

Hello Snipe Sailors!

In August I attended, as both sailor and Commodore, the Snipe Europeans in Pori, Finland. It was an excellent regatta, passionately organized by SCIRA Finland and the club BSF. The conditions were challenging with some days of strong wind and big waves. Thanks a lot to our Finnish friends for their hospitality and congratulations to the winners Rafael and Gustavo del Castillo.

Then in October I took a plane and I went to the other hemisphere. I was in Buenos Aires at the Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship as the SCIRA representative and Commodore. The warm friendship of our Argentine sailors was just incredible. The Club Nautico Olibos, the Race Committee and the Jury were very efficient, so my job as SCIRArep. was very easy. Gracias to all our Argentine friends and congratulation, in this case, to the winners Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke (USA).

Those two event were a great experience for me, because I had the opportunity to see 2 different ways to organizer and host a big major Snipe regatta, that ended in both cases in a great success.


My Western Hemisphere Championship in Olivos

Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:25

by Kathleen Tocke

(Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano)

I have never been a fan of two discards in a regatta. It allows people to take too many risks on the starting line and can contribute to general recalls. However, after not sailing the first day of the Western Hemisphere Championship, it gave us second life. Before arriving in Argentina, we felt well prepared to win the event. We considered it very important for Worlds preparation, so after missing the first day, Ernesto said, "this is just practice."

It was a light wind regatta and we prefer breeze. I was told on the first day of the regatta, when it was windy, Ernesto looked like a "a sad little dog, because he couldn't go out and play." On day-two, Luis Soubie saved us, by offering to come to the apartment and take me four blocks to the club in his car. I had a difficult time being upright, and this included walking. Later that morning, we learned, this also included tacking.