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Saturday, 25 May 2019 00:00
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2019 Summer Circuit announced:

  • Sipar International - Moscenicka Draga (CRO) - May 25-26, 2019
  • German Open / European Cup - Caldonazzo (ITA) - June 14-15-16, 2019



Deed of Gift of the South Europe Summer Circuit SOUTH EUROPE SUMMER CIRCUIT

Emblematic of: Snipe Summer Circuit in Southern Europe

Donated by: SCIRA Italy

Owned by: SCIRA Italy

Awarded to: The skipper with the best total score for all the races in the 2 regattas chosen year by year by SCIRA Italy

Open to: Snipe skippers in good standing from anywhere in the world.

Regatta Conditions: Competition annually during summer or late spring on the waters of the chosen clubs. The different series of race are to be arranged and agreed upon by officials of these clubs. “Rules for Conducting National and International Regattas” are specific instructions furnished by the International Rules Committee and approved by the SCIRA Board of Governors. These instructions must be followed in all respects.

Classification: Each skipper receives the number of points corresponding to his place in each event. For the event in which he didn't sail, he receives the number of points of a DNC in the event with the largest number of entries. The skipper with the lowest score is the winner. In case of a tie, the skipper with the lower score in the event with more entries will prevail.

Trophy Responsibility and Conditions: Winner and/or his fleet to be responsible for engraving, care, safekeeping, necessary repairs, and return of trophy for subsequent competition to SCIRA Italy.

Revision of Deed of Gift: At any time by SCIRA Italy with agreement of SCIRA.


2010 (Piada Trophy in Cervia & South European Championship in Omisalj)

  1. Bart Janssens & Eva Jacobs (BEL)
  2. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto/Stefano Longhi (ITA)
  3. Jan Peeters & Nathalie Janssens (BEL)

2011 (Piada Trophy in Cervia & Kvarner Cup in Omisalj)

  1. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto/Federica Biondi (ITA)
  2. Bart Janssens & Eva Jacobs (BEL)
  3. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)

2012 (Piada Trophy in Talamone & Kvarner Cup in Omisalj)

  1. Alexandre Tinoco & Gabriel Borges (BRA)
  2. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto/Daniel Bradicic (ITA)
  3. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)

2013 (Piada Trophy in Cervia & Kvarner Cup in Omisalj)

  1. Pietro Fantoni & Nicola Gerin/Marinella Gorgatto (ITA)
  2. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)
  3. Damir Vranic & Ratko Sparozic (CRO)

2014 (German Open in Caldonazzo & Piada Trophy in Portoverde di Misano)

  1. Enrico Solerio & Sergio Simonetti (ITA)
  2. Pietro Fantoni & Giovanni Stella/Kathleen Tocke (ITA)
  3. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)

2015 (South European Championship in Portoroz & Piada Trophy/Campionato dell’Adriatico in Chioggia)

  1. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto/Kathleen Tocke (ITA)
  2. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)
  3. Enrico Michel & Antonia Contin (ITA)

2016 (Snipe Alpen Grand Prix in Mattsee & Piada Trophy/Coppa Tamburini in Rimini)

  1. Pietro Fantoni & Kathleen Tocke (ITA)
  2. Stefano Longhi & Eleonora Zuzic (ITA)
  3. Andrea Piazza & Marta Pendesini/Lorenzo Gasperi (ITA)

2017 (South European Championship/Snipe Alpen Grand Prix in Mattsee & Regata Nazionale in Pescara)

  1. Lapo Savorani & Federico Milone (ITA)
  2. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec (ITA)
  3. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto/Arianna Buzzetti (ITA)

2018 (South European Championship in Trieste & Sipar International in Moscenicka Draga)

  1. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto (ITA)
  2. Luka Jercic & Josipa Prosinecki (CRO)
  3. Stefano Longhi & Eleonora Zuzic/Walter Lorefice (ITA)
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