Regata Nazionale Punta Ala

Monday, 16 April 2018 18:16

Punta Ala, Italy, April 15, 2018. Final results after 5 races (1 discard)

1. Paolo Lambertenghi & Antonio Bari, 9

2. Dario Bruni & Carlo Collotta, 13

3. Pietro Fantoni & Arianna Buzzetti, 15

4. Marco Pantano & Francesco Fontana, 15

5. Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec, 16

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Trieste, May 12-13, 2018

Triestina della Vela will host the South European Championship - Sergio Michel Memorial Trophy

The regatta is valid for the Summer Circuit and for the Alpe Adria Region Series (Franz Joseph Cup)

Notice of Race available


The South European Championship trophy is named after Sergio Michel, class 1936, sailor forever for his sailing club S.V.O.C. of Monfalcone (Italy) , his birth town, winner of various nationals and internationals championships on different classes ( Snipe, Dinghy 12' and Dragon), author of the book "The Life of the snipe in Italy" (Alberto Perdisa editor) and manager of an important company.

The snipe was the boat he sailed more on, crewing the sailmaker Sergio Morin. In the foreword of his book he himself remembers that period fondly: "Sergio (Morin) had to make the boat go fast, to me the burden to think of anything else(training, tactic, different solutions etc.). We built a mutual trust who allowed us to move automatically on board, we didn't even need to talk."

Sergio Michel is still the most titled Italian crewman: with Morin he won 6 Italian Championship and he sailed at various International events too. He placed second at the European Master in 1993, crewing Giorgio Brezich. As helmsman of his son Enrico he placed third at the World Master in 2004.

When he passed away in 2008 many sailors of the Snipe Class remembered him with fond memories:

" Sergio was a sailor, a real champion, an amazing person, a great man" Alberto Perdisa ex Italian Secretary

"He couldn't stay without doing anything. He got retired and he immediately start working again writing the book which is his declaration of love to the sail and to the Snipe". Pietro Fantoni Commodoro SCIRA.

"For myself and Nadia he was a person we will never forget. Since over 20 years we know Sergio, he was always very engaged and willing to help everyone.

I remember last year in Cervia (Piada trophy – 2007 ndr) , I had myself a small problem and could not finish the races, I came back from hospital, and my boat was in the trailer and everything was packed by Sergio". Ben Van Cauwenbergh (Belgium)

The last but not least the words and memories of his son Enrico: "My father was my teacher. He taught me sailing and above all he taught me the respect for the opponents, all of them"

He was a passionate sailor, the sea was in his blood He was a very sharp technician interested in any kind of innovation of the boat. At the events he got always around the boats to look for something new which could inspire him. I miss him"


Deed of Gift

Società Triestina della Vela

Summer Circuit

Saturday, 12 May 2018 00:00

South Europe Summer Circuit:

  1. Trieste, Italy, May 12-13, 2018 - South European Championship - Sergio Michel Perpetual Trophy
  2. Moscenicka Draga, Croatia, June 2-3, 2018 - Sipar International


Winter Trophy & Invernale Talamone - Final

Monday, 11 December 2017 07:17

Talamone, December 10, 2017

(Photo courtesy of Paolo Cardoni)

Winter Trophy (Final results after 3 races)

1. Dario Bruni & Emanuele Zampieri, 7

2. Pietro Fantoni & Arianna Buzzetti, 8

3. Giuseppe Prosperi & Marco Onorato, 17

Invernale Talamone (Winter Series) (Final results after 6 races, 1 discard)

1. Pietro Fantoni & Arianna Buzzetti, 14

2. Dario Bruni & Emanuele Zampieri, 15

3. Lapo Savorani & Alessandro Bari, 17

- 1st Junior Team: Marco Dei Rossi & Marta Pegoraro

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2018 Alpe Adria Region Snipe Series

Saturday, 28 April 2018 00:00

Kaiser Franz Joseph Cup
Kaiserin Sissi Cup

2018 Regattas:

  • Alpen Grand Prix - Mattsee (Austria), April 28-29
  • South European Championship - Trieste (Italy), May 12-13
  • German Open - Caldonazzo (Italy), May 25-27
  • Sipar International - Moscenicka Draga (Croatia), June 2-3


2018 in Italy

Sunday, 29 October 2017 08:13

2018 Italian Calendar

Main regattas in Italy:

  • April 14-15 - Punta Ala (YCPA) - Regata Nazionale
  • May 12-13 - Trieste (STV) - Regata Nazionale
  • May 25-27 - Caldonazzo (AVT) - German Open (May 26-27 Italian Junior Nationals)
  • July 13-15 - Cattolica (CNC) - Piada Trophy  (July 14-15 Regata Nazionale)
  • July 28-29 - Molveno (AVT) - Italian Master Nationals
  • September 19-23 - Talamone (CVT) - Italian Nationals
  • November 2-4 - Talamone (CVT) Winter Trophy (November 3-4 Regata Nazionale)

I 7822 "Lassapur"

Monday, 23 October 2017 19:40

(From Giorgio Brezich archives)

Lassapur - skipper avv. Pierino Reggio, crew Conte Vieri Lasinio di Castelvero - 1954 Coppa Alberti - Golfo del Tigullio


I 9682 "Miss Kappa"

Saturday, 16 September 2017 15:39

From Giorgio Brezich Archives

"Miss Kappa" I 9682, built by Guglielmi & Gianfaldoni in 1954.

Skipper and owner Mario Capio, Fleet Spalturno Genova.

Mario Capio was World Champion in 1955 (Santander) with "Portorose" I 9701.

Italian Nationals - Final

Sunday, 03 September 2017 17:10

Rio Marina, September 2, 2017. Final results after 6 races (1 discard)

(Photo courtesy of Biancaluna Buonaccorsi)

1. Paolo Lambertenghi & Chiara Marzocchi, 11

2. Dario Bruni & Emanuele Zampieri, 14

3. Francesco Scarselli & Marco Rinaldi, 18

4. Pietro Fantoni & Marinella Gorgatto, 26

5. Lapo Savorani & Federico Milone, 29

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European Master Championship - Final

Monday, 31 July 2017 07:21

Lake Molveno, July 30, 2017. Final results after 6 races (1 discard)


1. ITA Paolo Lambertenghi & Chiara Marzocchi, 14

2. BEL Manu Hens & Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen, 14

3. ITA Stefano Longhi & Andrea Gemini, 25

4. BEL Thierry Den Hartigh & Greet Jansen, 29

5. ITA Fabio Rochelli & Daniela Semec, 29

Report by Alberto Perdisa, full results and photos

Report by Alberto Perdisa

53 boats from 11 countries - Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden - gathered on the clear waters of Lake Molveno, Trentino, Italy. These are great numbers, that only a well organized international sailing class can show off.