2022 Snipe Worlds – Change of Venue

SCIRA Japan recently informed the Class that they are unable to host the 2022 Worlds due to continued COVID issues. While we share Japan’s disappointement in not being able to host the championship in Japan, we must respect their decision and look to the safety of our sailors, volunteerts and the country.

Therefore, the SCIRA Board is actively evaluating several select venues in Europe who have indicated they could host this event with less than a years notice. The SCIRA Board hopes to have a decision shortly and will announce when ready. SCIRA has assured SCIRA Japan that we will return to Japan as soon as they are ready, to host a major championship.

1 thought on “2022 Snipe Worlds – Change of Venue

  1. Hi Jerelyn,

    How are you doing ? I hope that you have been safe from Covid👍.
    We could not make Split but I think you made it.
    Would or could we be in making WC of Snipe Class happening next year 2022 ?
    We have had a great years in having Finnish and European Championships here in Pori-Finland after Snipe Europeans, and maybe Reino can tell more about facilities and possibilities having Important Sailing Weekends or Weeks in our area nowadays.

    Hope that you could consider us when you are thinking about country where to organize next great Snipe Championship. ( I hope to be able to go to Valencia in next Spring but at least before that to Miami in December 2021)

    Have a great Fall in California ⛵️


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