Commodore Fantoni Announces New Membership and Fine Structures to Fund a SCIRA Officials’ Health Spa and Social Club


By Peter Commette

Pietro Fantoni, SCIRA Commodore, announced today a new price structure for SCIRA membership, with a $150 increase per person in order to fund construction of “a modern and handsomely furnished health spa and social club for SCIRA officials.” Further funding for the project will come from $500 fines for any sailor not following the rule requiring use of a shackle to restrict the daggerboard height. As he handed Class Executive Director, Jerelyn Biehl, the first of many expected $500 checks, Mr. Fantoni opined that since no one follows the stupid rule, the social club, when completed, would be very handsome indeed!” When questioned, Commodore Fantoni went on to state “We believe the idea will be well received by our membership. Our SCIRA officials are hard-working individuals who deserve a convenient place for recreation and for considering more rules that no one will follow, resulting in more fines and an even nicer health spa and social club.”

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