Serious Sailing, Serious Fun Documentary Update

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 20:42
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The Serious Sailing, Serious fun documentary rough edit has its first public screening!

After more than three years of work, the first public screening of the six and a half minute rough edit took place as part of "An Evening of Sail" at the Aquarium on the Bay last week.

It screened to a crowd of over 150 people who came to see sailing in many different forms with entries featuring America's Cup catamarans, 18' skiffs and mini-TransAt competitors. The response of the crowd to the Snipe documentary was very heartening. Despite the rough cut's limitations, they liked the strong story telling and the compelling characters that are the heart of the documentary. That’s a good sign the full production will be a strong performer for the Class.

Jibetech Raffle

Time is running out to support this project. If you donate $250, you get a raffle ticket for the brand new Jibetech Snipe that Andrew Pimental is working on now. We’ll have the drawing in May and you can be sailing your new boat by summer.

There are two ways to donate:

1. Kickstarter

For the next week you can enter the raffle by donating $250 or more on Kickstarter (for each $250 you will get one raffle ticket):

A donation of any amount will help reach the funding goal of $7,500. On Kickstarter you don’t get charged until the project reaches its funding goal, so pledge what you can and help me reach this important goal.

2. Donate to SCIRA

You can also send a donation to SCIRA and they will pass the money along to me as a contribution that promotes the Class.

Many of you in the United States work for corporations that will give a matching grant to a 501c3 if you show them your contribution. Ask your employer if they will match your contribution to SCIRA.

A donation of $250 to SCIRA will also get you a ticket into the raffle. Here’s the information:

Make your check out to SCIRA with a note that this is for the Snipe documentary. Send your donation to:


2812 Canon St.

San Diego, CA  92106

Attn: Snipe documentary

Thank you!

-Vince Casalaina

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