Snipe Builder to Test Side Foils

Friday, 01 April 2016 06:01
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US Snipe builder Andrew Pimental of Jibetech has revealed a plan to test hydrofoils on his new Mark IV model. The first retrofitted boat should be available in time for the North Americans in June, though it's not clear whether the blades will increase the overall price or not.

"It seems pretty easy to build them," says Andrew, explaining that he's built plenty of similar foils for A-Cats in the past. "And the boats should be cheaper because there is less build time. The J-foils go out through the sides of the hull, so you don't have to finish that area off as carefully. But carbon's expensive, so we're not sure whether the price is going to go up or down yet."



The goal is to get the boats to plane in less wind than is currently necessary. If it works, the SCIRA Board has already said they will approve the innovation.

"It's a great way to bring our favorite boat into the 21st century," SCIRA Commodore Gwyneth Crook said when asked for comment. "Think of it—foiling like those really expensive cats, at a cost that works for the average sailor! I can't wait to try it."

An early prototype sliced off a corner piling at Sail Newport, but now that the crewing manual has been updated (with more detailed instructions for removing the board on the side that will come closest to the dock), this should not be a problem for the next generation.

Look for the mark IV Jibetech at the 2016 North Americans.

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