Junior World Championship - Day 2

Saturday, 05 August 2017 09:04
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La Coruna, August 4, 2017. Results after 3 races

1. POR Mafalda Pires de Lima & Tomas Pires de Lima, 7

2. BRA Felipe Rondina & Joao Pedro Barreto, 8

3. BRA Tiago Brito & Antonio Rosa, 14

4. BRA Daniel Platt & Michel Cheffer, 14

5. USA Jensen McTighe & Andre Guaragna, 18

The land of the rising sun shined under the rain

The Japaneses Ozora Iwatsuki and Kosuke Miyake won the only round of the day. Mafalda Pires de Lima, who ends in the third position, keeps at the top of the ranking.

It was a difficult second day of the Snipe Junior Wolrd Championship that takes place in A Coruña during these days. The unstable wind, accompanied by the rain and the fog, complicated the sailing a lot and only one regatta was celebrated, the third one in total until now. Because of this, there were unexpected results regarding the first day, when were more stable conditions, but the favourite participants strengthened their privilege positions.



The wind was whimsical in this second day of competition. The start of the third round of the championship was delayed one hour. And, when the crews began their hostilities, sailing wasn't easy at all.

Under that conditions, the Japanese pair, Ozora Iwatsuki and Kosuke Miyake, was the team that did the best movements in the water. The Asian couple, that on Thursday reached a fifteenth and a seventh position in the table, didn't delay on winning their first round.

The next one in today's ranking was the Brazilian Felipe Rodina. The actual world's runner-up doesn't give up and keeps his options of conquer the title. And, besides that, today he approached to the Portuguese Mafalda Pires de Lima, that crossed the finish line after him and that, with this third place, maintains the first position in the general ranking.

In the same way, the American Jensen McTighe, who is still very regular, was fourth in this third race, ahead the Peruvian Fernando Correa, that could celebrate today after his twentieth and seventeenth place in yesterday's regattas.

The sixth position were to the Spanish Alejandro Bethencourt, which makes transforms him in the best Spaniard in the general table.

In the general ranking, Felipe Rodina (eight points) consolidates himself as the main alternative to Mafalda Pires de Lima (seven points), who is strongly resisting. Tiago Brito (who started yesterday the championship in an excellent way, but today wasn't regular), has already 14 points, the same amount that Daniel Platt, the fourth. The best Spanish so far is Alejandro Bethencourt, who is seventh with 24 points, followed by the World Champion of the category, his compatriot Antonio López, with 26.

For today is planned a new day of regattas, from the one p.m., if the weather allows it.

Interview: Jensen McTighe

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