New Format for the Snipe European Championship

Sunday, 01 April 2018 07:10
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Pori, April 1, 2018

The European Secretary Martin Bermudez de la Puente announces that the 2018 European Championships will take place over two weeks rather than one.



The new calendar of the European Championships is as follows:
Pori, August, 24-26 - 6 races
Pori, December 23-25 - 6 races

The December races will be held on a Snipe Ice Boat equipped with skates. The regattas will be held on the frozen sea surface facing Yteri beach.

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The Committee boat will be a reindeer sleigh. Principal Race Officer will be one of the leading experts in Lapland.

The calendar of social events includes a combined cross country skiing - fishing competition from the pack ice (the fish will then be cooked and eaten according to the recipes of traditional Lappish cuisine).

This explains recent sightings of Peter Commette in his garage, filing skate blades and fishing hooks to the perfect sharpness.

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