Snipe Open Day at the Atlanta Yacht Club

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 21:37
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Atlanta, GA, July 28, 2018

(Photo courtesy of Snipe Fleet 330 - Atlanta)

This past Saturday was a REMARKABLE experience at the Atlanta Yacht Club. The Snipe Fleet hosted the first annual Marshmallow Intergalactic Championship, aka, THE MIC, in which 31 sailors, organized into 15 teams of one experienced sailor and one beginner, participated. Most of the less experienced sailors skippered the boats. In that group we had 9 guests sailing, some for the very first time. We had a total of 17 fleet member boats prepared for the event.

Claudia Bolles



"A lively fleet promotes events, regattas, clinics, training sessions, parties among its members, but should also focuses its attention outside on other sailors."

At Atlanta Yacht Club, we experienced a near death of Snipe fleet 330. Claudia Bolles and Don Hackbarth decided to change attitude and be welcoming to new sailors we call "Marshmallows". By promoting learning, fun, food, and fellowship, we turned the fleet around in a matter of weeks to a climax of an intramural event that resulted in 20 new sailors and 15 boats on the water!

We will continue our new attitude and focus on growing Fleet 330 again.

Edward Bolles


The World Snipe Days are initiatives to promote the Snipe and attract new people to our Class. The Board warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize a World Snipe Day, at the best time of year for such activities in your region.

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