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2018 Dues by Country

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2018 Dues by Country

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2018 Dues by Country

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2018 Dues by Country

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by Pietro Fantoni, SCIRA Commodore

This is not meant to be a sermon. But an invitation to reflect.

The Board likes to see that there are many races with so many boats around the world. But it would most like to see that all the sailors are members in good standing with the Class Association. Also it would like to see that all the National Secretaries enforce the membership rule.

SCIRA ... Association, asociación, associazione, associação, asocijacija, vereniging, yhdistys, association, verein, association, stowarzyszenie, ассоциация, 協会

From the Webster dictionary: Association is: - a) an organized group of people who have the same interest, job, etc. - b) a connection or relationship between things or people

We have a boat, the Snipe!
We have the same interest: sailing Snipes!
We are all Snipe Sailors!
There is a connection or relationship between Snipes, Sailing Snipe, Snipe Sailors.
Definitely we need an association for sailing and racing Snipes!


Membership and SCIRA Rules

Thursday, 18 January 2018 18:27

by Antonio Bari - Rules Committee Chairman

Not only is a sailing Class strong when a lot of wonderful regattas are organized all over the world, but also if it has a large membership. Statistics say that the Snipe is still one of the largest one design classes in the world, where the word "large" means boats, regattas, organization, strong rules and membership. I put "membership" at the end because it's the membership that holds it all together.

But, here my role of RC Chairman comes out, membership is also required by our rules, specifically Section 14 of the By Laws:


Why join SCIRA?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 22:16

by Jerelyn Biehl

What are some of the benefits of a strong class association?

  • A strong class association means lots of boats to race against, near you and around the world!
  • A strong class association with lots of racing attracts the world's best sailors - giving you the best racing possible!
  • A strong class association means major events scheduled at the best sailing locations and moving all over each continent- there will always be a big event near you!
  • A strong class association means solid class rules making all boats as identical as possible - you are competing against other sailors, not their check books!
  • A strong class association means lots of people looking to buy boats keeping the resale value of your boat high.
  • A strong class association keeps an eye towards the future and works with the builders to make improvements where needed while preserving as well as possible the competitiveness of older boats.

To be strong, a class association needs the support of its sailors!


SCIRA Decals 2018

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 19:21

The 2018 decals are here! Please ask your National Secretary and join SCIRA or renew your membership!

Why Join the Snipe Class Association?

Why it is so important to be SCIRA member

From the Commodore

Friday, 23 December 2016 21:42

by Gweneth Crook, SCIRA Commodore

Merry Christmas Fellow Snipe Sailors. I wish you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a fair winds New Year wherever you are! I hope to see you in the New Year.

The time has come to renew your membership. The International SCIRA dues are $10 for Juniors, $15 for Seniors and $10 for a Decal. This is a very small amount to keep the Class alive and growing! Please read the Winter 2017 bulletin to see the benefits of being a member. Remember that when you renew you can chose to receive a printed copy of the bulletin or a digital copy. One of the ways we are looking at spending your money wisely.

Wishing You all the best in 2017!