Snipe Clinic in Uruguay

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 21:15

Montevideo, November 23-26, 2017

Snipe training Camp was a great event

Yacht Club Uruguayo was the sailing venue, a great place with fantastic sailing conditions .

12 boats from Uruguay and Argentina

3 coaches Roberto Fabini, Pablo Defazio and Ricardo Fabini .

4 days with a very complete agenda with plenty of time on the water.


Barcellona Boat Show

Thursday, 16 November 2017 21:25

Barcellona, October 2017

The Snipe was at the Salon Nautico 2017 Barcellona

Thanks to Antonio Espada, a great promotion for the Snipe Class!

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How to Reach Your Fleet Members

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 22:31

by Reino Sounsilta - Promotion Committee

Active communication is one of the most important tools to keep the local fleets engaged. We have a great class with great things ongoing and a lot of communication opportunities to update and promote.

Communication is vital at least for two reasons:

1. For active sailors. They need to know what is going on and when. This can be anything from getting reference information about rules and upcoming activities to the organizing of weekly club races or finding a missing crew.

2. For the to-be and non-active members. They are interested to learn more about Snipe Class, perhaps finding an opportunity to try Snipe or buying a boat. We should show positive momentum and this will hopefully sooner or later encourage them to join the action.


Snipe Open Day in Helsinki

Saturday, 20 May 2017 22:36

Helsinki, May 18, 2017

by Juha Lehtinen

Fleet 481 Helsinki organized a Snipe Day in Helsinki 18th May 2017

This Class promotion event was successful. Five snipes with talented skippers, 10 possible future snipe sailors, one rib and some ground personel at club. All ten newcomers had chance to steer snipe, crews were changed efficiently at the sea. Light breeze, everybody had fun! After sail we have a bbq and coffee, and sauna naturally.

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Snipe: Serious Sailing, Serious Fun

Snipe Open Day in Mattsee

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 21:59

Snipe Open Day in Austria

Mattsee, May 13, 2017

World Snipe Days

Thursday, 10 March 2016 20:07

SCIRA Promotion Committee warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize World Snipe Days, in the best time of year for such activities in each region.

The aim is to attract new people to our class by helping them discover our wonderful boat.

We are convinced that, with the commitment of passionate Snipe sailors of each fleet, it is possible to re-launch and give new vigor to our Class in each region, even guaranteeing a generational change.

We believe that communication to the outside and the promotional activities of individual fleets is a fundamental aspect for this effort.

The first step is to introduce and allow potentially interested sailors to sail the Snipe.

Then we will be happy to publish on SnipeToday and on the Bulletin your World Snipe Day's report. It is important for us and for the other fleets share your experiences and receive suggestions and comments about this promotional activities.

Below are some guidelines and suggestions:


By Reino Suonsilta - Promotion Committee

The following is based on an email discussion by a small group from the Promotion Committee: Zibi Rakocy, Ivo Gattulli, Reino Suonsilta and Pietro Fantoni (Fleet and Small Countries Development Sub Committee)

The Snipe Class is vital and active. Introducing new sailors to the class is critical for the future success of the class. Local Fleets are the core of our activities, and they build the base for international prosperity by ensuring that new and old sailors stay active in the class and enjoy Serious Sailing and Serious Fun.


Helsinki International Boat Show

Friday, 10 February 2017 21:14

SCIRA Finland is at the Helsinki Boat Show for promoting the Snipe Class!


Keep an Eye Out for the New Kid

Friday, 10 February 2017 07:43

by Art Rousmaniere, US National Secretary

I like to sail Snipes, but I love the greater sport and pastime of sailing, so I make a point to get in other boats when I can. Like last year, when I crewed on a Thistle for the first time, and with a way-back-of-the fleet but eager skipper. Or getting back into Atlantics as a crew for a childhood friend after growing up racing in my father's Atlantic in Cold Spring Harbor NY as a kid. Or sailing my and my wife's college alumnae regattas this past fall (for those who do not know me, I have been out of college for a while~~~~). Or even cruising the New England coast with another childhood friend. All these remind me of what it is like to be new to a class.... not knowing anybody.... not knowing the tricks to the boat.... not knowing the culture on the race course or at the parties. My resultant theorem is that it takes at least three separate and distinct engagements (i.e. regattas or separate days of fleet racing) before a sailor feels "at home" with a new fleet or class.