North Americans Postponed to 2021; US Nationals and German Open Cancelled


Message from the Snipe Fleet 554:


We will be following the guidelines laid out by SCIRA and will be postponing the 2020 Snipe North Americans until 2021.

Stay tuned for news on a locally oriented event in Beverly.

Stay safe and look forward to better days ahead.


Your friends in fleet 554 and the Jubilee Yacht Club

Statement from the Annapolis Snipe Fleet:

The 2020 Snipe Nationals is “AP over Alpha” – cancelled due to the Coronavirus. We have petitioned the Board and SSA to host at the same time in 2021. We also have petitioned SSA to move the 2020 Colonial Cup from June 7-8 to June 27-28 so that we might have a better “fighting chance” of not having to cancel that regatta as well. The May 9-10 SSA Club Regatta has already been cancelled. Stay safe and we will see you on the water as soon as we can!

Statement from Associazione Velica Trentina:

The Associazione Velica Trentina asd, in the awareness that the historical moment we are going through is among the most complicated ever and that the priority will be the protection of everyone’s health, informs that the 19th edition of the German Open and Piada Trophy 2020 international regatta scheduled for 5-7 June 2020 is cancelled.

The decision was made jointly with SCIRA Italia, SCIRA Germany in accordance with:

– the current situation relating to the COVID 19 emergency, with the consequent repercussions on a national and international level and the restrictions on movements imposed by the main European and non-European states which in fact would not allow the participation of foreign crews (as well as Italian) in the event ;

– the indications issued by the Italian Sailing Federation;

– the recent decisions taken by the international board concerning the postponement to 2021 of all the major international events

We look forward to seeing you all at the next edition of the German Open 2021 scheduled for 28-29-30 May 2021.

With best wishes to all.

Good wind

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