Test: Snipe Super Series Proposal #2

Three months ago the Promotion Committee presented two International Rankings (Snipe Super Series).

The two proposals are quite different (as you can check in the Spring edition of the Snipe Bulletin and on this link).

Test Snipe Super Series Proposal # 2 – updated to GPN Cordoba:

1. Hal Gilreath (USA)

2. Alexandre Tinoco (BRA)

3. Ernesto Rodriguez (USA)

4. David Hernandez (USA)

5. Andrea Guaragna (USA)

6. Nick Voss (USA

7. Andrew Klein (USA)

8. Miguel Graca (GER)

9. Teresa Inacio (GER)

10. Victor Perez (ESP)

… full SSS ranking Proposal #2 …

Snipe Super Series Proposal #2

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