Updates from Europe

SCIRA European Secretary Reino Suonsilta is collecting the latest news from the European countries. Restrictions are slowly easing and the start of the sailing season is getting closer.

Belgium: The first toe is in the water. Starting from the next weekend, sailors are allowed to sail. But only with a crew with whom you live under the same roof. Competitions for sure will not be allowed earlier than July 31.

UK: UK made no move to reduce the lockdown. The Nationals are still ON but like ask things still subject it changes. Finger crossed, it will be one of the events where all the sailors can all meet up.

Spain: Official competitions will not be allowed before June 30.

Croatia: Only individuals can train today.

France: At the moment competitions are not allowed.

Italy: In some regions sailing is allowed singlehanded or double (with skipper and crew who live together). In all the Country sailing will be allowed from May 18. From mid-July local regattas will be allowed.

Austria: Sailors can train since last weekend. Regatta as of July to be confirmed in upcoming weeks.


Finland: Helsinki Regatta is planned to be sailed on June 27-28.

Sweden: Majsnipen is planned for May 23-24

Norway: On May 6 at Baerum in Oslo, the sailing season started with a club regatta.


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