US Nationals: Fleet 554 Leases All Oyster Beds on Cape Cod


If Peter Commette is coming, you better get ready. The man is a great sailor, he is also a world class oyster eater.

To be prepared, Fleet 554 reached an agreement with the Cape Cod Oyster Growers Cooperative to take all of the July production from the Co-op. This should result in a little over 10,000 pounds of oysters. This combined with the fact that we have 35 people in shucking school should help us keep up with Commette and all of the other voracious sailors during the Quantum Snipe Nationals (July 18-21, 2019).

The fleet and host club have also started negotiations with the State of Maine and Canada to assure a large enough supply of lobster and potatoes. It goes without saying that the club has had to buy several breweries, distilleries and vineyards in anticipation of heavy demand.

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