Brazilian Nationals – Final

2019 Brazilian Nationals champions, Xandi Paradeda e Gabriel Kieling. This is the 13th Snipe Brazilian title for Xandi.
photo courtesy of Will Carrara

Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 26, 2019. No races today. Final results after 7 races (1 discard)

  1. Alexandre Paradeda & Gabriel Kieling, 31
  2. Bruno Bethlem & Rodrigo Lins, 37
  3. Roberto Paradeda & Luca C Mazim, 42
  4. Victor Demaison & Anderson Brandao, 42
  5. Rafael Gagliotti & Henrique Wisniewski, 46
  6. Felipe Rondina & Tiago Brito, 50
  7. Breno Bianchi & Flavio Castro, 56
  8. Rene I Hormazabal & Sidney Bloch, 64
  9. Martin M Lowy & Amanda Sento-Se, 64
  10. Ricardo C Barbosa & Carlos N P Ribeiro, 66

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Nationals – Final

  1. Why is that we cannot zoom the pictures and then just click to see one after the other. Is this something I am doing wrong?? Let me know what I have to do to zoom photos and then click them one after the other.

    The bownumbers used in this regatta are too small and to close together. They are hard and almost impossible to see them at the distance. Recommend 12″ numbers separated by 6″ first number at 8″ from the bow.

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