Snipe Summer Series

Annapolis, MD, USA, August 1, 2021. Final results after 5 races:

  1. Adam Bradley & Garreth Merganthaler, 11
  2. Alex Pline & Lisa Pline, 16
  3. Zach Kelchner & Darby Cappelin, 17
  4. Sarah Alexander & Nikki Bruno, 20
  5. Sam September & Shehan Rees, 28

(Source: Annapolis Snipe Fleet) Not the typical awards ceremony at SSA considering the wet weather, but congrats to Bradley Adam with crew Garrett Merganthaler who won the Severn Sailing Association Snipe Summer series! Team Pline took 2nd only one point ahead of Zack Kelchner and Darby Capellin in from Florida in 3rd. Shout out to Sarah Alexander/Nikki Bruno who got within striking distance with a win in the 4th race. The O’Hares were the other team that posted a win in the blustery conditions Sunday. It was great to see Sam Septembre out for the first time. Thanks to the McVeighs, Eric Reinke/Alex Damley-Strnad, Mark Fuhrman, Brian Hetherington, and Lorie Stout for rounding out a fun weekend of fleet racing!

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