Antwerp Snipe Cup

Monday, 13 March 2017 18:49
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Antwerp, March 11-12, 2017. Results after 7 races and medal race.

(Photo courtesy of Erwin Van Iseghem)

1. BEL Bart Janssens & Eva Jacobs, 23

2. BEL Thierry Den Hartigh & Katia Royer, 45

3. BEL Dirk De Bock & Margot Audenaert, 50

4. GBR Peter Wolstenholme & Matthew Wolstenholme, 60

5. FRA Jean Jacques Frabault & Nadia El Ghozi, 65

Report by Jan Peeters

24 Snipes gathered at the Galgenweel Lake in Antwerp fort he 10th Antwerp Snipe Cup. 2 teams from France and the UK joined the Belgian snipes for som exciting and nerve wrecking low speed racing. The weather was perfect, but the wind was light and shifty... This meant that there was plenty to talk about in between the races, when the sailors could enjoy the catering that was provided by the organisation.



The format of the Antwerp Snipe Cup is to do a lot of short races, without a discard race and to end with a medal race. Multiple Belgian Champions Bart Janssens and Eva Jacobs were outstanding and dominated the racing all weekend long. Their main contenders made life hard for themselves as some of them had to count a premature start in their race scores.

After the medal races, which was shortened because the wind died completely, Bart and Eva won before Thierry Den Hartig hand Katja Royer. Dirk De Bock and Margot Audenaert completed the podium. The foreign teams just missed the podium, with Peter and Matthew Wolstenholme finishing 4th and Jean Jacques Frebault and Nadia El Ghozi taking 5th place.

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