Riff Raff Regatta

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 08:38
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Cowan Lake, Ohio, September 16, 2018. Results after 6 races (1 discard)

1. Scott Cline & Megan Cline, 7

2. Jno Disch & Ryan Disch, 14

3. Bob Rowland & Gwen Marshall, 19

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The 2018, District 3, Traveler's Series has finally come to a close. We began racing in the Spring with the Windy 500, followed by a mid summer event at the Great Lakes Championship and our final wrap up at the Riff Raff this last weekend. In total we had 28 different skippers racing in the series. 4 raced in all 3 and 1 raced in 2 of the events. I didn't score the North Americans, because it was a National event, but if I did add that in, we would have another 15 Skippers on our list.

Thanks to everyone who helped plan an event and thank you to all the sailors that left their home waters to show their skills at a different body of water. Traveling is what puts the Serious Fun in Snipe Sailing.

Congratulations to Jno Disch for winning the 2018, District 3, Traveler's Series.

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