2017 Frigid Digit

Monday, 16 October 2017 02:27

Severn Sailing Association Annapolis, MD USA

October 14-15

12 boats, 7 races, 1 discard

12 boats turned out for two fun days of racing on the Chesapeake Bay, two weeks later than the usual Frigid Digit dates (and neatly overlapped with the Lightning Frigid Digit). Weather was hardly "frigid" with summer-like temps both days (and summer-like light winds on Saturday). Three races were fit in on Saturday under gray skies in a 2-7 knot northerly breeze that kept the powerboat traffic down.


Congratulations to Chris Ryan and Lisa Pline!

US Sailing Awards: Sailors Honored for Distinguished Service

Chris Ryan (Arnold, Md.) and Lisa Pline (Annapolis, Md.) received the National One-Design Leadership Award for their enthusiasm and leadership in creating the one-design fleet building program of the year.

Through their efforts with the Annapolis Snipe Fleet at Severn Sailing Association, Ryan and Pline significantly increased participation in one-design sailing for junior and adult sailors. Together, their service and leadership to promote and enable Snipe sailing has resulted in new sailors trying the sport and one-design sailors from other fleets trying Snipe sailing.

As one fleet member noted, “Both Chris and Lisa know that a key to a good regatta is great hospitality. They make sure the social events are top notch with amazing food and plenty of it! They also keep an amazing upbeat and positive attitude throughout the event.”

Editor's Note: The 2016 North Americans writeup reminded Alex Pline of the report he wrote about the 1994 Snipe North Americans, which were also sailed out of Severn Sailing Assocation in Annapolis. Many things have changed, but the legendary camaraderie remains, more than two decades later—and many of the 1994 participants (including winners Bryan Fishback and Lorie Stout) also sailed in the 2016 event. 


Severn Sailing Association
June 3-5, 2016

The 2016 Snipe North American Championship set at least two standards for Serious Sailing, Serious Fun over three days: the largest number of registrants for a national regatta on the continent since at least 2009 (69); and a far wider variety of conditions than expected. Two drifter races on Friday, everything from drifter to full hiking breeze on Saturday (with the expected weekend powerboat chop), and then solid breeze and a lonely Chesapeake Bay on Sunday—which provided great sailing conditions for the final three races of the event. Variety may be the spice of life, but it is also a great test of skill. This was definitely not a "one setting" regatta.


Snipe North Americans - Day 2

Sunday, 05 June 2016 00:24

Three races were fit in by a very patient race committee today. The first was (as expected) sailed in a very light southeast wind, but after an hour of waiting a decent southerly filled in that even got crews and skippers into the hiking straps by the last leg. Photo courtesy Ted Morgan

2016 Snipe North Americans - Day 1

Friday, 03 June 2016 23:14

Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD, June 3, 2016

Day one of the 68 boat Snipe North American Championship was light and gray as predicted, though the rain kindly held off. The race committee managed to eke out two races in a 3-6 knot southeasterly.


Annapolis Snipe Fleet 532 hosted the first-ever Annapolis Snipe Invite for under 30 sailors on June 13-14 and the event generated a (not) surprising amount of buzz.  Everyone who participated had a great time and we got tremendous feedback from the participants, parents, and the local sailing community about how beneficial the event was for the kids and how it would certainly help to grow the local fleet, the Snipe class, and the sport of sailing in general.  While it does take work to pull off, the benefits are real and should be considered for expansion to other areas as a way to strengthen your fleet’s ties to your sailing community and to grow your local fleet.


Annapolis, May 17, 2015. Results after 5 races

(Photo courtesy of Spin Sheet)

1. Chris Ryan & Nicole Ryan, 17

2. Mark Furhmann & Lee Polites, 29

3. Doug Frazee & Jasper, 34

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