Regata Nazionale Talamone - Day 1

Saturday, 13 June 2015 07:40

Talamone, June 12, 2015. Two races completed with SE wind from 10 to 15 knots

1. Enrico Solerio & Paolo Lambertenghi, 3

2. Augie Diaz & Kathleeen Tocke, 3

3. Dario Bruni & Carlo Collotta, 7

4. Pietro Fantoni & Ilaria Rochelli, 9

5. Giampiero Poggi & Eugenia Vanni, 10

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2015 Snipe Worlds - Web

Wednesday, 08 April 2015 07:24
  • SCIRA snipeworlds.org website: D.o.G, Notice of Race, Registration, Current Entrants, Notice Board and more
  • Host snipeworlds2015.com website: accomodations, restaurants&bars, charter boats, services location, transport, touristic hints and more

2015 Snipe Worlds

Saturday, 21 February 2015 09:05

Registration is open for the Snipe Sr and Junior Worlds to be held in Talamone, Italy. For the Sr/Open Worlds, please ensure that your National Secretary has first approved your entry. The initial registration period is open until June 20 and payment MUST be made at registration.
Both Notice's of Race are available on the website - make sure to click "Junior" or "Open" for each event.

Message to the National Secretaries

National Secretaries;

The registration for both the Junior and Senior/Open worlds is now open: www.snipeworlds.org. Please ensure to click on the proper tab (junior or Open) for each event.


Merry Christmas from Talamone

Tuesday, 23 December 2014 00:00

See you next year in Talamone ...

Junior World Championship - September 12-18, 2015

Senior World Championship - September 19-26, 2015

Circolo della Vela Talamone

(Drawing by Paolo Cardoni)

2015 Snipe Worlds Quotas

Friday, 19 December 2014 22:51

Attached are the worlds quotas based upon the past 2 years boat registrations, per the Isaacs Deed of Gift.


For those who are planning to sail in Talamone for the next Junior or Senior Worlds

By Alessandro Testa

Talamone is a small village located in the northern part of Costa d’Argento (Silver Coast) of Italy, at the northern end of the big Gulf of Argentario. The Gulf is enclosed by the Argentario promontory to the south and by the mountains of Uccellina to the north, where the Maremma Park is located. The gulf is about 6 miles long and about 2 miles wide. All around, a few miles away, many of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago: Giannutri, Isola del Giglio, the Formiche di Grosseto, Pianosa, Elba Island.

The Mediterranean climate, low rainfall, the high sun exposure (the highest in Italy), the mountains and characteristics of the surrounding area make the Costa d’Argento and in particular the Bay of Talamone one of the most beautiful and interesting race areas in Italy.


Invernale Talamone - Final

Monday, 15 December 2014 07:32

Talamone, December 14, 2014. Report by Alberto Perdisa, photos and videos by Paolo Cardoni

Results after 19 races (4 discards)

1. Pietro Fantoni & Arianna Buzzetti/Michele Meotto/Jane Alquati/Alizee Del Gizzo, 27.75

2. Filippo Perdisa & Marco Rinaldi, 52.75

3. Marco Pantano & Francesco Fontana, 80.75

4. Andrea Pesci & Lorenzo Baldi, 105

5. Lapo Savorani & Federico Milone, 114

It was a beautiful end to the 17th Winter Championship – Trofeo Fosco Santini, last Sunday, December 14, in Talamone. Three races with three different winners were sailed with the wind from the south-east 12 to 15 knots.


Invernale Talamone 30/11/14

Sunday, 30 November 2014 23:23

Talamone, November 30, 2014. Two races completed with SE wind, 14-18 knots.

(Video: Paolo Cardoni)

Today's results

1. Pietro Fantoni & Arianna Buzzetti, 1-1

2. Marco Pantano & Francesco Fontana, 3-2

3. Filippo Perdisa & Marco Rinaldi, 2-3

... full results (after 16 races, 3 discards) ...

Invernale Talamone - Day 8

Saturday, 29 November 2014 16:31

Talamone, November 29, 2014. No races today

Despite the bad weather, young Snipe sailors Arianna and Federico have fun in Talamone.

Invernale Talamone 11/16/14

Sunday, 16 November 2014 21:58

Talamone, November 16, 2014.

Roller coaster!

(photo by Paolo Cardoni)

Two races completed today with wind from SW 15-20 knots.

This weekend's results

1. Dario Bruni & Carlo Collotta, 1-1

2. Andrea Pesci & Lorenzo Baldi, 2-2

3. Pietro Fantoni & Alizee Del Gizzo, 4-3

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