ESP 31663, a Wooden Snipe Built with Modern Technology

Snipe 31663, built using an AutoCad design, and cut on a CNC plotter.

We followed her construction process.

Now 31663 is sailing.

2 thoughts on “ESP 31663, a Wooden Snipe Built with Modern Technology

  1. I’m restoring the snipe my father and grandfather built in the earlier 1930s in St Louis. They sailed it up in Walpaca, Wisconsin mostly. Most of the wood is pine and I’m trying to use mostly fir in the reconsruction. Most of the hardware is gone and I’m wondering if anyone knows how to go about getting new fittings (other than casting etc). The boat Antonio is building is beautiful. I imagine the wood is a bit denser, therefore heavier. I’m also wondering about weight. Is there a range of weights that do best in light winds. My father’s boat is very light given it’s pine. Thanks, Peter

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